Thursday, February 6, 2014

Ms. Mechanic

I'm so sick of this button! And I figured out how to fix it. Take a piece of black electrical tape and cover the light. YAY, Sonya!!!!!
No really, I inadvertently fixed my van and DJ's car. No really, I did. I should start another blog and tell people how to fix their cars and be rich. And also, have enough money to buy a new car.
Anna's car is still going strong and started without incident during the cold snap. Den's car isn't creaking but the windsheild is still cracked. It's right in the corner so it isn't a major thing. DJ's car runs like a champ and starts like a dream even when it is super cold. But the check engine light was still on. My van is fixed except for the check engine light and the sensor that fell out of the bumper. I'm getting closer!
I said, "Maybe I will show everyone up and fix it myself." Den and the certified mechanics don't have my mad car skills. So there!
No really, this was a complete fluke. When I took my van in and they said I had all these things that needed to be fixed and then Den complained, they said well its just by miles we didn't actually look to see if it needed it. And then with DJ's car being in all those times and not getting fixed, I really think that they do what Den does and take a guess at what the problem is. I'm so lucky that Den can fix a lot of things. And he's lucky that I can fix cars too. Giggle.
I also, wanted to say thank you to everyone that sent me happy car thoughts and positive vibes to our cars. That may have fixed them both too.
Anyways back to the great news,  the check engine light went off in DJ's car and my van within 2 days of each other. Weird, isn't it?I thought that it was hoses that had slight cracks.
It was just too strange to have 2 vehicles self-heal in 2 days. Maybe when they told us what was wrong with the van(the hose) they messed with it and it started working. But since they didn't seem to actually check anything, I doubted that that was it. The code that kept coming up with the van was that it was running lean. The gas/air mixture was off.
DJ's car problem was the idle was high. It was the same code over and over and every part that was replaced didn't fix the problem.

Then it was fixed. It was a gift from the car gods but still I wanted an answer. And then it dawned on me!!! When the first cold snap hit, I went out to buy some heet for the cars. I ended up at the local auto store. I had a very nice woman help me and I told her that I needed heet. She said there wasn't any in all of Lake county but she had some SeaFoam. My dad used this all the time when I was a kid so I knew the stuff was like gold. It was $10 a can but she said she would price match Walmart and that she would also give it to me with the sale they had going on which was buy one get one free. I really like her.
We added half a can to each car and forgot about it. It wasn't until we both had used a tank of gas that the check engine lights went off. I checked the site and it said, "As a fuel system additive, Sea Foam helps, clean carburetor jets, clean passageways, clean fuel injectors, clean deposits, stabilize fuel for up to 2 years, control moisture and adds lubricity to fuel."
I bet that both the car and the van had some gunk that was making it run lean and the high idol. Both of those codes have something to do with gasoline. How many times does a cold snap actually help a car run better?
How awesome is this!!! I wonder if SeaFoam could fix a window.
Sonya Ann


ND Chic said...

I'm sure it could fix a window. Try it and post a picture. LOL

slugmama said...

Well if it has "foam" in the name it might seal the crack....what the hell!

I think you missed your calling in life my dear. You need to enroll in a grease monkey certification course. Then you can make guesses at car problems AND get paid the big money. ;-)

mama .bonnie said...

So glad it's fixed! I've never used additives to my gas before.
Once, I had that damn check engine light on in my new car and I was mad. I buy new new so that this doesn't happen. Turns out it was my gas cap and it cost me $100 dollars. Really, it was $60 for the gas cap the rest was for them to find the problem and reset the code.
I'm in the wrong business.......

Cheapchick said...

Girlfriend, go buy a case right now, run!

Sonya Ann said...

ND Chic-Den would shoot me. His window would be all greasy and he wouldn't be able to see. Hahahaha, I'll tell him it was your idea.

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-No shit! I'm starting to think they are the same as the weather guy. I'll just make a guess and then pay me. Its all BS.

Sonya Ann said...

mama-I wouldn't have paid it. I would have been yelling over a $100 gas cap. Maybe its best that I don't buy new. LOL

Sonya Ann said...

Cheapchick-No kidding! That stuff is amazing!!!

j said...

Off to buy some today for dd's car since her engine light is still on after have 2 coil packs replaced. Can't hurt..maybe you will be our new car god and you shall lead us :)

McVal said...

You are the car equivalent to the digital goddess... ! I am off to buy that this weekend! TWO cars have this due to something spawned by the cold weather, they tell me... Maybe this will do the trick!

Jane said...

And I just thought "seafoam" was a colour! More like nectar of the gods! And you are a goddess! The goddess of lubricity. (What a great word, just had to use it somehow!)

Sonya Ann said...

j-Only use half a can and have a full tank of gas. I really hope that it works.
LOL, I don't know if I am qualified to lead anyone but hell, I seem to have a better track record than the mechanics.

Sonya Ann said...

McVal-I really hope that it works. It would be funny if I finally found my niche in life. It's a bit late though.

Sonya Ann said...

Jane-Well I guess I have my word for the day. LOL I wonder what Den will say when I use it.