Monday, March 3, 2014

Busier Than McVal

Things are a bit nuts around here. I really don't know how so many people manage to get so much done.
Last weekend, I think I outdid McVal. I drove 4 hours on Friday, it was a round-trip pick up in rush hour traffic, in Milwaukee, to get my inlaws from the airport and back to their house with a stop at our house to pick up the dinner that Den had made for them. This time he got the easy part.
Then on Saturday, Den, DJ and I went to Ball State University. It is a 5 hour drive. But the good news is there is a Waffle House and a casino ON THE SAME EXIT on the way there. We may have found Heaven in Indiana.
We didn't have a tour set up but we snagged a map and walked the campus. It's massive and impressive. You could feel money seeping from your pores as you walked around.
But DJ really liked it. The campus was massive but the surrounding town was tiny. That seemed to matter to him.
Then we headed another 3 hours over to Eastern Illinois University to see Anna. Well, it was a 4 hour drive because there was a massive accident and we were stuck on a bridge. A semi hit a car, it couldn't have worked out well.
We did manage to find just enough time for us to swim and then head out to dinner. It was wonderful. We also, gave Anna her birthday and Valentine's day gifts. Plus I always try and find little things that she might need(cheap shampoo to tops from Goodwill to anything else) so she ended up with 4 bags and a case of water. Hey, it was free water and she can always add alcohol to it.
Anna hit ice in a parking lot and bumped another car. Joy. She left her name and number on the car since she couldn't find the owner. And the thing was she was doing a favor for one of her friends that needed a ride.
This is the damage to the other car. Sigh.
The woman was very nice about it and was trying to find a cheaper way to get the car fixed and still keep Anna's insurance down. I appreciated that and would have done that for someone that bumped my car. Well, knowing me I would have said just forget it. Like I have done 3 other times.
Anyways, we turned it into our insurance and they are going to fix both cars. Just what I wanted, a new claim and higher rates. Oh well, she is paying the $500 deductible and the difference in the rates.
Anna followed us to the restaurant and on the way back I noticed a long scrape on her BACK bumper. This picture doesn't do it justice but someone hit her car and drove off. There is more damage to the back bumper than was done to the front of her car and the other woman's car. JUST OUR LUCK!
The next morning we all ate our free breakfast from the Hampton Inn. Yes, we stayed at an expensive hotel because you don't want to stay at a cheap hotel there. Just trust me. And I figured we save at least $30 on eating out so I think it wasn't a bad deal. And I took the money out of DJ's funds. hahahaha!
Then it was another 2.5 hours over to Bradley in Peoria IL. It was a small school but the city is massive. I guess DJ wanted to go to a large college in a large town. I don't know why. The funny thing is Anna is so outgoing that I always figured she would end up in a big city and DJ would end up in the middle of nowhere since he is so timid. And it is just the opposite. Anna wants to stay in Charleston because it is calm and laid back and super small. And I bet DJ will end up in a large city.
We did the self-guided tour at Bradley. And then drove the 3 hours home. It was way too much driving for me. I drove the entire thing because I don't like anyone driving my van. And old girl drove it like a champ! Next time I take her on a road trip, I hope it is at least a fun one. This was a rough trip.
But it looks like DJ will be heading off to Ball state. The only problem is it is out of state so we will have to work on getting him his residency ASAP. And that is another thing on my list for the day!
Run, run, run,
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

I take it it's a one year residency requirement to get in-state rates at Ball State?

Dang girl I'm a slacker in comparison. What a jam packed weekend!

2 corrections though....1-no body's life is as crazy as McVals and 2-the only acceptable way to mix alcohol and water is if the water is cubed and frozen. Just sayin'....

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-NOPE! We pretty much have to move there. I've spent a lot of time checking. But I'm fine with moving, don't think Den will like the 5 hr commute though. Maybe he can live with his parents. LOLI'll have to figure something out.
Stop correcting me even if you are right.

slugmama said...

5 hour commute??
Well if it's 5 hours each way, no way in hell......5 hours total, Den needs to man up! hehehe

Cheapchick said...

Egads, the process for College in the USA is so much more complicated than Canada. We just apply. Yes or no and go. No interviews, no mass applications, most kids apply to two or three and almost always get in. Its way cheaper here too. Screw residency, just send them to live in Canada lol

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-10 hrs round trip. I say suck it up.

Sonya Ann said...

Cheapchick-I'm thinking that it would be easier for us to ship DJ to you and let you send him to college. You are such a great friend for offering.

McVal said...

Campus visits are always fun! But the drive sounded terrible. I'm glad I didn't need to travel this weekend! You WERE busier than me! I was just indoors the whole time being busy instead of traipsing across the countryside! Tell/suggest him to go to ISU!

Sonya Ann said...

McVal-I'm not telling him to go anywhere else cuz I'll have to drive it.
I don't ever want to try and be busier than you. It's hard work.

Frances said...

He's going to go out of state?? Which one of you is going to sell a kidney to finance that?

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-All of us!LOL