Monday, March 10, 2014

Pissy Cars

Remember how I told you that Anna hit someone's car in a parking lot and we turned it into the insurance? And then someone hit Anna's car and drove off. Guess what? No really guess? Yup another person hit Anna's car!!!!!! One of her co-workers slid into it. At least, she was man woman enough to fess up to it. Anna said forget it.
Anna got the appraisal and check from when she slid into another car. It was $815 worth of damage. They wrote her a check for $315. Sigh. I'm sure that we will repay that $315 ten fold.
I'm keeping the money and saving it for a paint job for the entire car. If it lasts that long.
The good news is her poor car has been through three minor scrapes so hopefully that is the end of our problems for a while. Everything comes in threes, right? Bahahahaha, NEVER!

DJ's car is now pissing the driveway every night. We put a diaper cardboard under it to see what color it is. It's green. Sounds like an infection to me. That would be antifreeze. Good news- Den found the leak. Bad news-Its one of the gaskets that he replaced. Meaning the motor will need to be tore apart again.
And its not going to happen. DJ will be leaving for college in August(Might I just interject a thought here-FUCKING YAY) and he won't be needing a car for at least a year.
We were thinking about the car cemetery and we told both of the kids about letting the car go to "car Heaven" and let me say they put up quite a fit. She's still running so why put her down, they wailed.
Den added Stop Leak to the radiator and so far so good. It seems to have stopped leaking. It's a temporary fix, I'm sure. But still, I'm grateful. Den also found an additive for a blown head gasket. I had never heard of that before. Maybe we have been doing this all wrong, just add a can of sealant and be done with it. Who needs a mechanic? We just need a can of something and its fixed.
I mean if you give me a can of say, alcohol, I'm better. This could work.
Wanna a can,
Sonya Ann


mama .bonnie said...

Hey it could be worse. Case in point: my son's car was hit while sitting legally on the street by an older man, speeding, going three cars deep on a street meant for two. OH and he was driving a government car which the accident happen Friday and as of this post the guy's insurance has returned any calls to our insurance.
Oh and our insurance thinks the car will have to be totaled because of how he hit the front bumper.
Oh and this is the car that just had a new clutch put in last week!

Cheapchick said...

OMG so funny. I am with you - just keep pouring cans of crap in the motor. Its gotta work, right?

Sonya Ann said...

mama-You win for the crappy car story! I don't think we should compete in this category anymore.
I hope you don't end up claiming this one on your insurance. That sucked for us!

Sonya Ann said...

Cheapchick-So far it is working. I mean really, who would have thought that would have worked?