Monday, March 17, 2014
I was contacted by Jessica from about doing a post about "Giving Yourself a Raise." How could I pass that up? And you know what, I'm not getting a cent for this post, zip, nada, nothing. You know me and I love to work the system and here is a company that is trying to help us! They are speaking my language.
So firstly, what is

"Raise is an awesome new marketplace to buy and sell gift cards on the web!  With the extra money you can save on discount gift cards to your favorite brands, you can spend more on the things you love."

This got me thinking (I know what a crazy thought) what would I do if I spent some money on me (again what a crazy thought) that I saved. And then the fun started!
I desperately want a Tory Burch bag. Yeah, we all know that I will never spend $500 on a purse. But I still drool a bit when I see one.
This is what I came up with! Spending pretend money is AWESOME! I could go to and buy Nordstrom gift cards at a discount and then buy the purse that I so love from!
We all deserve a little reward and when you work a deal and have some extra money for yourself it is sooooooo much sweeter. So what kind of rewards do you splurge on for yourself? Is it part of a deal that you worked? What would be your ultimate gift to yourself? Oh, I'm loving this! I have all kinds of gifts to buy me.
Little spittle,
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

Hey! I know what Nordstrom's's an expensive department store, right? I know because I cut through one once to get into the Mall of America. lolz

Don't talk to me about splurges right now, ok? I just spent $216 on 1 case(yes, that's O-N-E Case)of beer for Hubs on Friday.
I plead insanity Your Honor.....

I guess my last splurge on a "thing" was 3 Vera Bradley bags last June. Those are addictive ya know.
I bought 6 pairs of Easy Spirit shoes on Sunday. I only buy that brand because they fit my fat feet and they had my size at the outlet store for a change, so I loaded up. But oy vey!, I got such a deal!

I must be missing a girly gene or something because the only thing I drool over is food and drink.

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-I never thought that I would say this but..... you may need to stop spending. You are out of control, WOMAN!
Sometimes you just need to spend a bit of money and it makes more sense to buy higher end stuff cuz it lasts longer. I'm not sure if that is true of the beer though.

slugmama said...

As for beer, you don't buy just rent it, if you get my drift. ;-)

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-Got it. ;p

Jane said...

Wine. Wine. Wine. Or Scotch. But no deals I'm afraid.

Sonya Ann said...

Jane-I haven't seen an alcohol deal in forever. Sad, sad, sad.