Tuesday, April 29, 2014


We have been busy outside. I'm hoping that we spend more time enjoying the yard this year than working on it. Who's with me?
Den was busy mulching the yard last weekend. Bless him. DJ and I cleaned the insides of the cars. I think we will cheat and run the cars through the car wash and be done with it. See, I will occasionally spend money on things that I could have done myself. The van is a monster to wash.
There is finally signs that we are done with winter. YAY!
Not only do we have a bunch of dead areas in the grass but one of the front bushes is dying. I figure that it was put in when the house was built so it is probably 30+ years old. How long does a bush live? I've never pondered that question before.
The other bush is fine. I guess we will just be ripping one out. That doesn't sound like fun.
This entire house needs to be updated or gutted or demolished and rebuilt with modern and pretty parts. It really is a never ending battle. I'm ready to move or refinance and take out some money and fix the entire thing. Yes, I'm wanting to spend money and Den is the one telling me not to spend. I really don't know how I came to this point. Oh yeah, everything is run down and busted.
Here is the starting point of my money spending rant with Den. The damned fence! It is rotting and falling over. It desperately needs to be replaced.
And if you look closely, the picket fence becomes a chain-link fence back by the pool. Because a matching fence all the way down just wouldn't be the sensible thing to do for the previous owners. I want to put a white fence all the way around the yard and across the driveway. You can see how one thing leads into another. Den says to replace the few bad planks of fence and just keep the mortgage as it is. How is he being sensible? How did I manage to leave my frugal thoughts?The dog on that side is a major asshole and barks non-stop at us and charges the chain-link fence. That is another reason to get the white fence. We really get along well with our neighbors but how can they not see their dog is a dick. She charges the fence slobbering and snarling when we go outside. And the guy is like, "Ohhhh, she is just saying hi." I'm an animal lover but the dog needs to meet up with a boot.
Rant over, maybe.
The little garden behind the house always looks nice after it is mulched. I like the tidy look. The tidy look doesn't stay long though.
My little garden by the back door is mulched and I have chives and oregano coming up. See I can grow something.
Maybe I can't grow anything. I should probably retract that statement.
I just don't understand. I bought the good dirt and everything. Sigh. I guess I will be buying more plants this year. And if buying a few plants is the worst thing in my life, I guess I have it pretty good. Oh wait, I can complain about the fence. Normalcy restored.
I bought Den a pocket hose for Christmas. Well, it was free with CVS bucks but still. I saw the infomercials and was jazzed to try it. It is lightweight and easy to use but I was hoping that it would contract a bit more. Did you know the pocket hose is tough enough to tow a vehicle with? Hmmmmm, maybe we should use the hose instead of a rope when we pull out the front bush?
We need new hoses for the yard and I think that I will buy more of these but they are a tad on the short side. Short and non-retracting hoses are always a problem.
There is still more work to be done and we need a bit more mulch but it's nice to feel as if we are getting a handle on the yard sooner than later.
And I'll save you the trip out back by the pool. It's a green and mucky mess. This may be a job for 5 or 6 cases of bleach.
Dirty and non-retracting,
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

Short and non-retracting....
Remind you of anyone? lolz

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-Who ever could you be referring too?

Lena said...

You've been busy :) It looks great!

Jane said...

Pocket hose? Didn't Den already have one of those?...I'm sorry, haven't had my coffee yet...

Sonya Ann said...

Lena-Thank you and it is never done, isn't?

Sonya Ann said...

Jane-It retracts.

Frances said...

I thought those pocket hoses were supposed to squish up tiny?

Your yard looks pretty even though you don't think so.