Monday, April 14, 2014

You Get It All

I received an entire $6 from Pinecone research. I know, it is just too exciting. It gets betters, trust me.
So I have.....................
$48           Pinecone research
$118.82     BP
$25            Amazon gift code that I won from Donna Freedman at Surviving and Thriving!!!!!
Total $191.82 for our 2014 Christmas!
That's not a volcano, its a pimple. Yes, I made it worse.
Anyways, my skin is completely cleared up. Crazy as it sounds I started using my lotion bars on my face every night and sometimes in the morning. I won't say that my wrinkles are gone but they seem to have faded a bit. And I can tell that they are worse if I go a few days without putting it on my face. Hmmmmmm, youth in a bar? I won't say for sure but I also use the bars to rub/push out the puffiness on my eyelids and rub the lovely crease that was forming on my brow(I blame Den and the kids for that one). It has made a huge difference with both. Will it work with fat? Probably not and I would need a shit-ton of them to cover my ass!
Speaking of my fat ass, I'm down 7 pounds. This is a never ending hell I am trapped in. I don't think that 7 pounds in a month is that great. But it is better than gaining and I have managed to do it with Den cooking. My mantra is.......Stuff less in your face-FAT ASS! It helps but I'm slightly suicidal.

Sue is getting bigger and lazy and odd. He only wants to sleep on me. Either on my legs or between my boobs. If I am sitting down, he likes to stand on my boobs and tries to stick his nose in my mouth. He also tries to do it to my bestie. But only us. Maybe it's all the alcohol?
You wouldn't want me to have a normal pet, would you?
Back to your normally scheduled program,
Sonya Ann


M Ripples said...

7 pounds in a month is awesome! I keep struggling with the same 3 pounds. I lose them and then gain them back. I wish I could lose 7 pounds.

slugmama said...

Take it off might just stay off that way.
Or give up alcohol....wait! I forgot for a moment who I was talking to. ;-)

I thought of you last night(not in THAT way...stop that!)

I took a photo just for you....wanna see it?

Sonya Ann said...

M Ripples-I just hope that I can keep losing. Hell, even staying the same would be great!

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-I'm hoping that going slow will help keep the fat away. I'm not counting on it though.
And I know you think of me in naughty ways. I have always known!