Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cheaper Than Cheap

I'm not sure if I will put this under the cheap or mean column. I would let you decide but I'm kinda scared.
As you know DJ is allergic to quite a few things and I'm never quite sure what will set him off. And I think that I have stated before that our doctor is simple. So I do the "at home Sonya style" allergic reaction tests. Were you thinking, "oh God, what is she doing now?" It happens a lot when you visit me, doesn't it?
Maybe this is why DJ is so anxious to leave home? Because I experiment on him.
I am trying to find everything DJ needs to head off to a happy life at college. Yes, I am in the gathering stage. And I would love to be cheap about all the things that I send off with him. But laundry soap we have a big problem with. The boy likes to have random allergic reactions. Sometimes, they don't bother him, others well he is a hot, swollen mess. Literally.
So instead of making an appointment with out simple doctor(he needs a physical anyways so we will get to spend some lovely time with him anyhow) and then get a referral and have to pay for 2 appointments, I administer the test myself.  Yes, I administer the test myself. Go ahead, groan. He has survived all of my experiments. So there!
I scratch his arm in two places and then rub the laundry soap on one scratch. One is to see what the actual scratch looks like and the other to see if it looks different with the detergent on it.
This does work, mind you, I would consult with a doctor about ANY allergies. But just to test a laundry soap this works ok.
But I have decided to purchase the expensive hypo-allergenic laundry soap pods and send them off to school with him. I really doubt that his new roomie will want to chase him down and hit him with an epi-pen. Just in case my experiments were a tad off.
I get why he wants to leave,
Sonya Ann


Cheapchick said...

Yeah, pods are likely the way to go. Wouldn't want him to blow up like a goodyear blimp at college, that would be bloody embarrassing. Cheers!

Sonya Ann said...

Cheapchick-And I'm sure that I would get blamed!

Jane said...

What about a laundry service? ahahahahahaha! He could send his laundry home! You could go do it for him...sorry, I'm not helping, I know.

Frances said...

Just send him with a ton of Benadryl....just in case.

Sonya Ann said...

Jane-Damn right, not helping. lol.

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-It is in the growing pile of stuff that will live with him!