Thursday, May 15, 2014

Garage Sale Season

I just love garage sale season. It is just starting in my neck of the woods. Smiling!
I'm not sure if Anna will like the dress on the left but it was $.25 so even if she wears it once and then gives it to a friend, I'll call it a win. The black dress was $2. I hate when we have a formal thing to attend and she needs to shop and it is a mad dash and tons of cash to find something for her. I figure for $2, I'll take a chance. I washed both and they held up fine.
And don't look at the burn mark on the table or the miss-matched chairs. It is one of the many things that need to be replaced in this house. I'll get the money for it soon enough. Sure. 
I also bought some full sized sheets for $1.50 for a yet to be purchased bed for Anna's room. We are lovingly transporting her bedroom set to her in August. We will need to purchase a replacement. I figure a full sized mattress is a bit large for her room but with only a dresser in there, it should be fine. And we desperately need a bigger bed for when we have people come to visit. Yeah, sorry about that sluggy. Poor Mr. sluggy had to sleep in DJ's bed and sluggy was in Anna's. It was like they didn't like each other or something. Giggle.
What was your best garage sale find ever? Mine was this lovely pool pump purchased last year! It was only $10 and a used one goes for about $220 and new about $450ish. I was a happy camper that day. Not that I have ever been happy while camping. I'm not the outdoors type.
So what was your best find?
Sonya Ann


Jennifer said...

The dresses are cute!

My best garage sale find - hmmm - well, it was not actually a garage sale, but a foreclosure and the bank was dumping the stuff in it.

A brand new kind size mattress and box springs, still in the plastic wrapper.


Still sleeping on it.

Cheapchick said...

I have found a lot of great things at garage sales. I think four old antique apothecary jars for .50.I I sold a couple of them for $25 and still have one for my bottle collection. Best thrift store find was Clarks shoes. Those dresses are a great deal!

slugmama said...

Until you just mentioned it I never noticed mismatched chairs and a burn mark on your kitchen table.
Might have been I was having a really good time or the alcohol MAY have been involved.

I haven't been to a garage or estate sale in years, YEARS I tell ya!!

They are too dangerous for me with my penchant for selling stuff on eBay. lol

I didn't mind at all not sleeping with Prince Snoring, er, I mean Charming.
If you really want to make Sluggy happy when she comes back, get a king sized Temperpedic for Anna's old room. Or course you'll prolly have to knock a wall out to enlarge the room first but hey, you would totally do that for me, right?....RIGHT?? ;-)

McVal said...

I love garage sales too! I used Freecycle and scored a bunk bed that is detachable. So the girls are going to rig that up in their bedroom for the summer.
So if Sluggy and her guy come here, they will have separate beds, but at least in the same room.
Adorable dresses! Anna will love them!

Alisa said...


Sonya Ann said...

Jennifer-You are winning with the best find!!!!! Did you ask to go in the house, were you invited?
Anna used to clean out a lot of abandoned apartments and she would find some interesting things. She found a floatie for the pool and a butterfly knife.

Sonya Ann said...

Cheapchick-I think the shoes were your best find too.
I hope Anna likes the dresses too.

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-I have been sleeping in Anna's room too. I enjoy the break from my snoring man. Seriously, I feel like slapping him.
My house is actually a dump, you just weren't sober enough to notice.

Sonya Ann said...

McVal-If my two had to bunk up, they would slap the hell out of each other. Really.
I do love to find a great deal. I'm hoping we can garage sale some more soon.

Sonya Ann said...

Alisa-They are the best!

Jane said...

My daughter refuses to wear anything I buy her anymore so obviously I've stopped buying her anything at all hahaha, karma!! Me, however, why EVER pay full price for ANYTHING?? Just seems sensible I think. Hey, if she won't wear them I'll double your money!

Frances said...

Those dresses are cute. I hope Anna looks adorable in them.

Hubby and I used to garage sale some. He is amazing at garage sales....also it takes forever. He has never met a stranger and learns all about everyone at garage sales. LOL!

Sonya Ann said...

Jane-I wasn't always a garage sale fan but Den changed that. And my MIL got me hooked on Goodwill.

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-I just love sweet knees. He really is wonderful.