Thursday, June 5, 2014

Complete College List

Ahhhh, the lovely packed van from moving dear Anna back to college. Poor van, poor Sonya. It's always a rough trip on both of us.
I just wanted to do an update on the "what to buy list" and what has changed since we moved Anna to EIU in 2010! Wow, they grow up quick and spend money even quicker. Well, my kids don't spend quite as much just cuz I'm cheap. It's good for them, that's what I tell them and then their eyes roll around in their heads for a while.
While the price of just about everything has gone up, I'm still doing tricks to save money. Somethings will never change.
These tips will help you ship off your mouthy child and still have enough money left for you to go out and celebrate getting your kid out of the house. 
  1. Ask around! See if anyone has anything off of the list to help out your college bound student. Grandparents, Aunts, and neighbors would love to dejunk a bit for you. Also, if you know anyone that has a child that is graduating from college see if they would be willing to sell you what they have.
  2. Have a university near you? Call the school and ask if there is a way for you to post an ad to buy some of the supplies(think frig and microwaves) off of the outgoing students.
  3. Hang around the dorms on move out day. Ask the students if they have anything to sell.
  4. When Anna moved out of the dorms, it is sad to say but there were piles of perfectly good supplies being tossed in the dumpster. I would poke around there too.
  5. See what you have around the house. Extra towels, paper and pens,cleaning supplies-yup, they go to college. Start a pile off to the side of gathered supplies and watch it grow. 
  6. Carry the list of things that you need with you and whenever you see a good deal, pick it up. This way you aren't having to pay for everything all at once.
  7. Check freecycle, local ads, Goodwill, and garage sales for things that you need.
  8.  Look on Ebay and Amazon for cheap supplies.
  9. After you have done everything that you can to glean what you need for free or super cheap, then (gulp) go to an actual store. I would suggest shopping with coupons and going on tax-free days.
  10. I do know that Bed, Bath and Beyond has a free service called Pack and Hold. You can shop in a local store and they will hold everything for you in a store nearest your child's college. 
  11. You could also order things on-line from Walmart and pick them up at a local store. 
The main goal is to spend as little as possible. Preplanning and time will really help. This is something that you can't leave until the last minute. I have actually seen people move a few personal things in to their child's dorm room and then head to the store to pick up the rest. I can't even imagine what that bill looks like. Other people make a bunch of trips. I can honestly say that when we moved Anna in, we didn't make one trip to the store, not even for food. Get in and get out, that will save your sanity on move in day. Trust me, you are walking into a war zone. Oh and if they offer your child an early move in day for a few extra bucks, PAY IT! Anna moved in a day early because she was a good student and it cost only $20. Best money I ever parted ways with.
Here's the complete list(And to brag a bit, I checked it against some other places lists and this one is more complete)

Pens/pencil/mechanical pencils 
Pencil sharpener
Black marker
Red pens
Paper clips
Mini stapler
Paper (loose leaf & computer)
Index cards
Scratch paper
Stationary and envelops
Duct tape/electrical tape
Sticky dots (gummy)
Book covers
Trunk w/lock!
Head phones
Extra Ink Cartridges
Flash drive
Computer bag
Bed risers
Bed topper
Mattress pad/plastic
Small lamp for reading
3 way pole light
Light bulb
2 Surge protectors
2 Extension cord(one 3 foot, one 6 foot)
Coaxial/HDMI/Ethernet cord(s)
Memo board/bulletin board
Trash can/bags
Room decorations
Chip closure or clips
Lunch bag
Can opener
Space bags
Alarm clock
Storage bin/s for closet and under bed
Deck of cards
Water bottle
Disinfectant wipes/Hand sanitizer
paper towels
Dish soap (small)
Laundry detergent
Stain stick
Laundry bag
Sewing Kit & safety pins (small)
Tool Kit/sm nails, hooks (small)
Flash light (small)
Mace (key chain)
First Aid Kit/Cold or flu supplies
Suntan lotion
Mosquito Repellent
Shower Caddy
Dental Floss
Hair gel/ mousse 
Rubber bands/scrunchies
Hair dryer
Hair spray
Contact case
Contact solution
Glasses and case
O.B./girl stuff
Nail polish
Nail polish remover
Nail clippers/manicure kit
Phone Charger
Tennis Racket or racquet ball racket/balls
Nice Outfit
Shoes/gym, sandals, flip flop for shower, boots
Undies & bras
Shirt/long and short sleeve
Jacket/ light weight, one winter
Purse/wallet(drivers and credit/bank cards/insurance cards)
And that's about all that I can come up with. I hope this lists helps you to save money and get your little devil angel out on their own!
Happy packing,
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

You need to make a second list for boys going off to college since they don't need hairdinis and make-up....usually....lolz

Cheapchick said...

Its weird but kids in Canada don't really "go off to college" and live in dorms that often as usually they attend whatever is nearest. Unless of course you live in the sticks. Our dorms here are way pricier than getting an apartment with a roommate or two.

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-I figured I would put everything on the final list and people could cross off what they didn't need.
The boys list would look like this-
ramen noodles

Not much of a list.

Sonya Ann said...

Cheapchick-The Canadian way sounds smarter and much cheaper, that said it is nice to get them out of the house. Just ask sluggy-she is on countdown with me.

Jennifer said...

Fabulous list - so into them right now! Though we are still a year off, it is coming faster than I imagined.

I didn't even think about a mini fridge and microwave. Mine touts never using a microwave, but things will change, I am sure.

Jenny Woolf said...

They usually have fridges and kitchens in the student lodgings here. There was a guy who went round Ireland with a fridge and wrote a book about it.

slugmama said...

Yes I AM on COUNTDOWN....76 more days to go...WOOHOO!!!
My electric and water bills will be glad as well to get him outta the

Donna Freedman said...

What kind of undies and bras will DJ be wearing? :-)

Sonya Ann said...

Jennifer-I couldn't live without my lists. I even save them that way the next time we have to travel or Spring clean or something, I don't have the miserable task of rewriting it.
Yes, things will change with never using a microwave. One crash course is in order.

Sonya Ann said...

Jenny Woolf-I hope that he wasn't carrying the frig.

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-I don't have an actual number!!!!!! What is wrong with me? DJ is leaving one week before your son right? How sad is that? I'm asking you. We are going to Ball state in 2 weeks for the orientation/class sign up and all that. I figured I would get it then or I could just ask you.

Sonya Ann said...

Donna Freedman-Pink with sparkles. ;p
I figured including everything for both kids would make it easier for people. They can scratch off a few things that aren't needed. Or add a few like the Xbox and Ramen noodles. I have heard from certain boys that that is the most important thing.

Frances said...

Your packing looks so professional! Can you come to my place and pack it up for our move? I am having a hard time getting motivated enough to do it.

Though stuff is leaving to the dumpster and thrift store at an astonishing rate.

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-I would love to help you pack! Oh, oh, oh and we could organize everything. And then I could do laundry. I love those things. Especially doing laundry. I need help.

Anonymous said...

My brat is going to a local college and living at home. :( She's doing a transfer program in liberal arts and plans to move to NYC when she's done here.

:( i am accepting donations to buy alcohol to keep myself mellowed out for the next 2 years.

gosh, how do they get to be such a PITA??