Friday, June 20, 2014

Fabulous Friday

This lovely little idea is from Recipe Sweet! They are Campfire Cinnamon Rolls. But I'm thinking that Den would love to make these on the grill while I sipped an alcoholic beverage in our backyard. Yes, I'm thinking that would make him happy.
People Pleaser,
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

Heck, this would make you both happy....WIN!

Frances said...

I was thinking this looked so yummy until I noticed the dirty fingernail in one of the pics. That really grossed me out. I will have to stick to the recipes on that page that don't have fingers in the pics.

Jane said...

Are you also planning to meditate while making these??? Lots of good suggestions to help you on your way from Anonymous!
They look yummy - I like the orange cup idea:)

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-Yes, it would make me happy!

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-Ewwwwe, didn't notice that. Den can make it with clean fingernails.

Sonya Ann said...

Jane-Someone seemed a bit odd and needed to go bye-bye. LOL
You can make these all the time when you retire!