Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Isn't this better than the mess I made before? We will just blame that ugly mess on the alcohol. Ok, Ok?
My dad died when he was near Gulf Shores, AL. We went to the beach(his fav one) and I found some shells and I took a little sand. I used that plus a fish bowl, some leftover filter sand from the pool and some garage sale candles and made this. No more monstrosity! I spent $.50 on the bowl and about $1 on the candles. Not too bad. It is a bit heavy with the sand. I may dig some sand out and put an empty pop bottle in there to lighten it up.
My dad would love the idea that he was with us at our parties. He loved to have a drink and sit around and laugh. Guess who I am like?
I also found a 4th of July candle for $1 at a garage sale. Now all I need is some alcohol and we are set for the 4th!
Sonya Ann


Mama .bonnie said...

At least you are in a festive mood. For me, it's too hot out there to want to do anything outside ;o)

McVal said...

looks so festive!!! I'd love to join you!

Sonya Ann said...

Mama-Send your hot weather to me. I love it and it is outright cold here. YUCK

Sonya Ann said...

McVal-The door is open!!!

Frances said...

I LOVE the red, white and blue candle!

I like your candle garden, too. It looks very nice. Not like you were drunk when putting it together.

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-Well, bless your heart. I was drinking but ok at that point.
A friend said that drinking was like a marathon in their house. Hell, I'm in it for the long hall.