Tuesday, July 8, 2014

White Trash AC

You know how making your own fan powered AC out of a cooler is all the rage. Well, jump over here and take a look at what they should look like and then ponder down below at what we actually built. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Why do we fail so much around here? HAHAHAHAHA!
That said, I'm totally fine with this monstrosity. This was our tester. We both watched the youtube videos. Den believed that it would work, I was skeptical. Which meant I wasn't spending any money on this project. We did buy the fan but figured that it would just head off to college with DJ since one is on the "to buy/scavange" list anyways. So I see it as out no money spent, sort of deal.
Anyways, watch the video if you want to make one. Otherwise its a beat up Styrofoam cooler, 4 holes, a fan and old paint rollers,
and the most important part a 2 liter bottle of ice.
Hard to believe but this works very well. I'm going to scavenge some more pop bottles because I think that it will make it colder if I have a couple more in the cooler. But this is an easy project and I'm enjoying the monstrosity as I type.
I may even (gulp) suggest that we make one out of a real igloo cooler. Hmmmmm, I'm thinking one from a yard sale but still I would be willing to spend money on this one.
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

So you are planning projects for us to do when I get there? lol

And this homemade a/c is going in MY room, right?!?

McVal said...

My husband has been plotting this project for several months too! He's getting some of the supplies together for it, but hasn't put it all together yet. I think Maddy will be taking one of the versions to college since her dorm doesn't have air conditioning...
I'm sending your post today to him that YES it can be done and completed!!

Cheapchick said...

You are living the dream girlfriend, living the dream!

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-It's cold here. We are sitting at 76 right now. YOu won't need it but I'll let you see it.
Bahahaha, your room is a mess so I hope you are up for some cleaning. LOL

Sonya Ann said...

McVal-That is a wonderful idea for a college student. They just need to find a way to freeze the pop bottle.

Sonya Ann said...

Cheapchick-You made me laugh really hard. Smartass.

Frances said...

I guess I will have to watch the video. I can't figure out why paint rollers are needed.

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-Because we are cheap!!!! It was the only thing that Den could find as a substitute.