Thursday, August 28, 2014

Cutting Cutting Cutting

Well now that we are kid free, I have decided to cut all of our bills. Den hates when I get in these moods. Mind you, we don't have a lot to cut but I'm still going to go through everything.
1284 house payment
   90 car insurance
 160 gas and electric
 100 garbage and water
 200 cell phones
   30 gym membership
 400 gas for cars
 ??? food for just the two of us.
Total is $2264 not including food. Each of the kids puts in $95 a month to cover their bills(car insurance and cell phone), we have accounts that are designated for them. They earned that money from summer jobs and birthday money and whatnot. 
The house payment only seems to go up. DAMNED ILLINOIS TAXES!
I'm hoping that the car insurance will stay the same for a while. Why is it bills only seem to go up?
The gas for the house and the electric, I'm sure that I will see some sort of savings but it always seems to take a while before it kicks in. Not having the tv, a game system and a computer drawing power most of the night will probably save us a small fortune. I should be able to shave down a bit. Yay for shaving. I did get an analysis from the electric company that we are using less power than most of our neighbors which is prety amazing since the pump for the pool is running 4 hours a day.
The garbage bill is only going up and we shall see if the water bill goes down. DJ was pretty clean and took at least, one shower a day.
The cell phones are the one thing that I might be able to get lower. The total bill is $300 a month, we pay $200, the kids pay $100. If we switch from Verizon to Tmobile it will be about $110 a month total. BUT I have heard terrible things about Tmobile. MY bestie and her family just switched to Tmobile so they are my little guinea pigs. We shall see how they survive. And I really don't want to pay the $600 cancelation fee to Verizon. Everyone I know that has Verizon is checking out other carriers. So many of us are about to jump ship.
Den loves his gym membership. His plan is to keep it forever. He says when we are 70 years old, $30 a month will be a steal. Gym membership or not, I don't see us living that long.
The money we spend on gasoline is only going to drop if gas prices come down. And here in the crap state of IL, they like to stay nice and high.
As for the food for us, I'm not real sure. I know it will go down but Den likes to cook a wide variety and I like to eat a wide variety. So, I'll let you know where I get it to in the next couple of weeks.
Finding new ways to save money makes me happy! Have you found anyways to cut out or down any bills?
Cutting and shaving,
Sonya Ann
PS-While looking for "a pair of scissors cutting" I found this little gem. Now aren't you glad this wasn't on your blog roll? Or would you prefer it?


Susan Payton said...

Well you sound like me. I am always trying to cut down my electric bill. Although most people say it isn't high, most of the time when I pay it and actually see the money go out the window, it feels like a war debt. I can't sleep in total darkness, so I use solar lights I put outside to charge during the day. Probably not saving much but at least I feel like I am. I charge my cell phones and iPads on a solar charger, I know it says it doesn't take much to charge them, but then again I feel like I am saving money. I turn off the power strips because they say it costs 40% even if they aren't in use.
Anyway, check out my blog for my neurotic views on saving money. Of course one whole blog is dedicated to coupon offers. I guess I save $15 a week, not going to make me rich, but it feels good.
You are my kind of person, I always have the scissors out too, maybe it has made me survive, maybe the difference hasn't been monumental, but it has made me feel good trying.
Thanks for letting me visit.

Cheapchick said...

Hubby wanted a gym membership then he wanted a treadmill in the house when he couldn't make it to the gym. Instead of a gym membership we can buy passes for 10 visits. That way if he can't workout as out of town or too busy and works out at home nothing is going to waste. Unplug unused appliances ie guestroom/kids old bedrooms when not in use. When they come back to visit they just have to plug them back in. They draw lots of electricity when not even on. Cheers!

slugmama said...

What I want to know is why since we don't have a house payment we are still spending about what you are?!?
I guess I am not as frugal as I THINK I am! lolz

It will be interesting to see comparatively how our reg. bills go down with the boys outta the house.

McVal said...

I have no suggestions for you to cut as you've already implemented the one that I really want. Get rid of the kids...

Life would be so much simpler! Quieter, but simpler!

I agree with Cheapchick on unplugging everything in the kid's rooms.

Linda said...

Some company will pay up to $500 or $600 if you switch to their phone services. They pay what you must pay to switch whether it is $98 or $406. Have you thought about pay as you go cells? I am.

I pay more than you on garbage and water and sewage even though I use less than minimum on water.

I wish that image were me!

Lena said...

We switched to Walmart T-mobile plan and so far it works OK for us. I think, it depends on the local coverage but the only problem we've ever had is that sometimes we don't get the "chain" texts from the family or get them hours later. And Is till use my 8-year old phone :) But as for calling, it works great and less dropped calls than Verizon.

Sonya Ann said...

Susan Payton-I have everything on power strips in DJ's room, the game room and the rec room. There is noting in Anna's room plugged in. I try and cut everything but at times, it feels as if everything is working against me.
I'm stopping over at your place ASAP!

Sonya Ann said...

Cheapchick-No matter how much I fight Den on the damned gym membership she won't give it up. He ways he will start bathing there to save money. Yeah right.
I've got everything on power strips that I can. The only thing that is plugged in her is a couple of lamps and the alarm clocks.

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-Well that was a compliment! Our electric bill was $78 this month and $45 for gas so I'm actually over in some of the categories. I'll just save that money for drinkies.

Sonya Ann said...

McVal-Yes, the kids are our problems. There its all fixed.

Sonya Ann said...

Linda-Tmobile will pay to your cancelation fees if you buy their phones. They are looking better and better all the time!
The water bill is a killer around here. I mean really, we are practically sitting on top of lake Michigan.

Sonya Ann said...

Lena-So far everything that I have heard about them has been great. Now I just need to get everyone here so that we can get it done at once.
Thank you for the info!

Frances said...

You are a frugal queen, SonyaAnn! We have been saving some money on some things since we moved.... our phone and internet is cheaper, electric has gone down. But we have still been eating out too much and bringing in takeout. It may stay that way for a while as Hubby will be having another surgery soon. He has not been feeling like cooking much. I may have to start doing once a month cooking on the weekends.

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-Thank you! It's always a work in progress.
And sweet knees is causing problems again! Hope he is better soon.

Jane said...

Once the dust settles in PEI (this week) I will be able to shave $400 off per month!! Which is great considering I'm on a pension now :) REALLY looking forward to that! (the shaving not the pension).

Sonya Ann said...

Jane-Shaving, cutting whatever its called it is AWESOME!!!