Thursday, October 30, 2014

Cheap Black and White Room Redo

I'm still plugging away at fixing up Anna's room. The above picture was taken at a posh furniture store. I go in those places just to make myself feel poor. It works every time. But I take some pictures and get some wonderful ideas in exchange for the lower self-esteem.
I found this gem at the Goodwill for $9.99. It was a bit of a mess with gorilla glue stuck to it because there wasn't a hook on the back. No worries because my MIL fixed it. I know, I feel bad about taking advantage of her. She is also taking in a few of my shirts. I wish it was because I lost weight(I am still trying though), I got them at the Goodwill too and they didn't fit right. Not to fear though, my inlaws are talking about moving and I will repay them for their kindnesses by moving and packing them.
My MIL, Donna, found this poster and donated it to the cause. But I'm not sure if I will frame and hang it or not. I guess it will depend on me finding a cheap frame.
This is a Chuck E Cheese picture from back in the day. What I wouldn't do for a hug from them when they were little.
The only thing that I did purchase new was the three prints from Hobby Lobby for these garage sale/Goodwill frames.
This was another frame that I got from the Goodwill. It had a salvage sticker on it and for the life of me I couldn't find the flaw. It was brand new and still had the cardboard triangles on all of the corners. It was $9.99.
It ended up being the corner was chipped. A little permanent black marker and we were back in business.
DJ was about 4 in this picture and Anna was 8. I know these are a bit hard to make out because I took a picture of a picture that has been scanned and turned into a black and white. But trust me, they are adorable.
This one is my favorite. It's Scott and Anna kissing Donna on the cheeks.
We have spent about $85 on this redo not including the poster Donna bought or the ink she used to copy the pictures. I'm pretty happy with the costs so far but the minute I buy the mattress and furniture, it won't be such a cheap room redo. Oh well, sometimes you just have to spend a few bucks. And with the holidays quickly approaching and Anna coming home and nothing for her to sleep on, I see money leaving soon. This would have been a really cheap redo if I still had furniture in there. Oh and I will need a comforter. Sigh, there goes more money.
What was your cheapest room redo?
Sonya Ann


Linda said...

While I have not done a full room redo all at once, I did have a great partial redo that changed the room. I took a $75 piece of leftover upholstery piece of upholstery for a sofa cover. I cut it half into the original length and sewed it to the other half so it was now squarish and threw it over the sofa.

I spent too much to restore and rewire the three antique floor lamps I have in here now. Since I replaced newish lamps for these old ones, that may not seem economical. It was worth it to me and many years ago.

The makeover took several years as I could afford it, but nothing was new, and some was free. There was a room in place, just replaced over time until I liked it.

slugmama said...

Forget a room redo, I am still trying to DO a living room here!
And we've only lived here 14 years......I am pitiful......

Sonya Ann said...

Linda-I think that the way that you have done your room is the way to go. I have redone and updated most of our house by goodwill finds and garage sale finds. But this is the first room that I have had to do since we have moved in(20 years ago). Anna taking her bedroom set made it feel like we had just moved in.

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-I'm still loving your chair! Just have Mark come over. I tell Den all the time that we need to steal him and have him fix our entire lives.

Anne in the kitchen said...

The room is going to be fabulous!

With the exception of mattresses we did an entire lake house, including all the junk you need for a kitchen for less than 3 grand. Sweat equity? Those cast off bits and pieces of furniture are now priceless.
I don't think anything I bought was 2nd hand. I think most of it was 4th hand at best. Serendipitously. a huge local fabric store went out of business and sold every single piece of upholstery fabric for 3 bucks a yard. Since I did a boatload of upholstering it saved me a small fortune. Saved a ton of money, worked at it for a year.

Janie Junebug said...

You are very creative. My least expensive room re-do was when I used Favorite Young Man's old furniture and some stuff from his childhood to decorate a bedroom for him in our Illinois house. When he visited, it was very much like being in the bedroom where he slept growing up. I didn't have to spend any money.


Jane said...

I hear ya - everyday I wish I could kiss Kazi's 4 year old cheeks again. I figure since she's still living here the least she could do is be little once again! I think my powder room has been the cheapest so far (well, it is the smallest!). Painted the walls, painted the cabinetry, new hardware, new toilet, vinyl flooring - ta da!

Sonya Ann said...

Anne in the kitchen-THANK YOU!!!!!!
I couldn't imagine doing an entire house and AWESOME that you did it with bits and pieces. I would have worried myself sick about coming up with everything.

Sonya Ann said...

Janie Junebug-I bet that your son loved his room in IL. It was a sweet thing to do for him!

Sonya Ann said...

Jane-I do miss my kids when they were little sometimes. And then I remember how Anna was a biter. LOL
Your place looks amazing and I'm glad that you are staying. It was so perfect, so you.

Frances said...

I think your room is going to be fabulous!

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-I hope so. This has been a work in progress since what July?