Monday, October 27, 2014

Traveled Mosh Monday

DJ's dorm
We took a very quick trip to see the kids. It was short in visit time and long in drive time. Oh well, we hadn't seen DJ in two months and it was getting to me.
College life suits him. He is doing well. Oh and that is a waterfall behind him. Trust me, we are paying good money for him to be able to walk to class on the bridge above it.
Speaking of good money, this is a picture of the miniature room that we stayed in near the campus. When I called to book the rooms, the guy said they had a room that was smaller than the normal room and half the price. I had no idea that it was behind the elevator and the word smaller that he used, was too big of a word to describe it. We renamed the room, the punishment room.
The bathroom was also tiny. You know when you go to a hotel, you try not to touch anything in the shower, well I got over that fear quickly. It was a stand up shower and big enough for half a person. I had to shave my legs while holding the razor, the soap and the miniature bottles of shampoo and conditioner.  Needless to say, I had to prop my leg up on the wall to shave. My legs haven't been that high since the 90's.
Anna and Scott wanted to visit DJ so it meant another hotel room that we had to pay for we had to wait a while for them to get to Muncie. While waiting for them we decided to kill time at the Rural King. I had never heard of the store before. Y'all it was like redneck heaven. Yes, they sold camouflage booby holders and ..........................
camo knickers!!!!! Why am I wasting money at Victoria Secrets?
This was pretty much the entire toy department, John Deere toys. They don't believe in a lot of variety.

But to be fair to your daughter, they had camo chairs.
I know I sound all snobby and everything but I had no idea that you could buy things like this. It was a whole new world.
So what did the Mott snobs buy at Rural King? Beef sticks and bullets. It was the best purchase of my life AND we didn't need the FOID card. Anyone could buy bullets!!!!!!

 On Saturday, we walked around Ball State campus. It rained but we did the best we could. The kids posed in front of Beneficence. The campus has so many stunning points of interest.
It was a nice visit with DJ. And it was too short. He's doing well so that made me feel better about driving away. It didn't stop Anna from crying.
Our next stop was EIU. It's about a 3 hour drive from Ball State to EIU. It was an even shorter visit with Anna. We drank a bit that night and I brought Portillos(Its some of the best Italian beef ever) from home so it was an easy dinner.
And then Sunday morning we headed back home. I don't think that we will try to visit both college in one weekend again. We will visit each college separate. It was just too much.
And on to the fun stuff!
I got $6 from Pinecone Research and $51.80 from BP. So we are at...............................
$250          Bank of America credit
$100.49     Google(blog writing)
$138          Pinecone research
$320.13     BP
$25            Amazon gift code from Saving Star
$25            Bass Pro Gift card from MyPoints
$10            Chili's gift card from MyPoints
$25            Amazon gift code that I won from Donna Freedman at Surviving and Thriving!!!!!
$50            Gamestop gift code from e-rewards
$4              Liquor rebate
$134.40     Hotel refund
Total $1082.02 for our 2014 Christmas! Don't forget this was all free money that I have collected throughout the year. So how's your stash?
Traveled out,
Sonya Ann


Anne in the kitchen said...

Glad you got to see the kiddos! We don't get to see ours till Thanksgiving and it seems like a very long time away.

Sonya Ann said...

Anne in the kitchen-I'm sure that it will get easier with DJ. It did with Anna being gone.

Linda said...

I did two more surveys this week but not have gotten my Pinecone $$ on my card. That really was a small room. My room this weekend was handicap accessible, meant for wheel chairs and so huge I was exhausted from the trek to the bathroom all Saturday night.

Those were some pretty scenes.

Anne in the kitchen said...

Forgot to mention all the camo you found! I've heard it said said that the only difference between genius and insanity is genius has limits. Looking at all the camo items might prove that point. Then the other part of my brain remembers it would not be available if there was no demand for it.

slugmama said...

Now how can there NOT be one of these stores in TX?! lolz

Camo undies? Do not show this to my daughter....

Now when are you coming out to see me? I miss you too.

Cheapchick said...

I need to start Christmas shopping - different experience for us this year as all of our plans have now changed. That was some whirlwind trip!

Frances said...

You would think I am a terrible parent if I told you how long we go without seeing our kids. I will use the excuse that they are older and have been out of the house longer.

When Hubby and I were looking to bey a new recliner there was a camo recliner at the store, that was hideous. We both said now. But it was one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture either of us has ever sat in.

You are good parents. Tell your kids I said so.

McVal said...

Awe!!! I'm so glad you got to see both of them this weekend!

AND I LOVE PORTILLOS Italian beef!!!! My BIL brings it to our house sometimes by the gallon sized containers with broth!!! oh yum...

Janie Junebug said...

I wasn't sure what school that is at first, but I figured out it was Ball State just before I read it. Favorite Young Man used to have a Ball State cap.


Sonya Ann said...

Linda-Pinecone usually sends me a check. DO they deposit money in your paypal account?

Sonya Ann said...

Anne in the kitchen-I have never heard that saying before. I like it!

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-I miss you too.
Honestly, I thought it was a bit crazy in there but maybe its the norm and that was a bit scary to think about.

Sonya Ann said...

Cheapchick-I'm sure that you will come up with a lovely frugal plan for the holidays. You always have it so under control and I feel like I'm falling. LOL

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-I'll tell them you said so if I ever hear from them. LOL. I think that they had their fill of us.
I didn't sit on any of the furniture for fear of disappearing.

Sonya Ann said...

McVal-I love portillos but it is stupid money. Its like $45 for a few sandwiches. We normally get it once a year. My inlaws buy it for their Christmas dinner. Its worth the wait. And they even send some home, best gift ever!

Sonya Ann said...

Janie Junebug-DJ loves it there but all of the shirts and hats are expensive if you buy them on campus.

Janie Junebug said...

I think that's true at most colleges.

Sonya Ann said...

Janie Junebug-Yup, everything is overpriced.