Thursday, November 6, 2014

Frugal Wrap

Ugh, we are getting way to close to Christmas for my comfort. I would love to have all of my Christmas shopping done in say July. Never going to happen but its nice to think about.
Anywho, I'm doing some Christmas prep work. I am not a fan of wrapping paper and all of the waste that goes along with it. I love when things are useful and saveful. Saveful isn't a word but it seems to work. Instead of wrapping paper, I love to put my gifts in a container or something cute. Mugs with a gift card in it and a bit of tissue paper works better for me. Ok, I know tissue paper is wasteful but we reuse it. Oh and we reuse bows. Rest easy, my friends.
A makeup bag instead of a gift bag would be a cute way to wrap a gift. Maybe add some ribbon.
One year, I put my sister in laws gift in a bag similar to this one. She loved the bag more than the gift card.
Even these totes would be a nice change from wrapping a gift. You can get these at the Dollar Tree. I know its cheap crap but its cheap crap that can serve a purpose and can be reused. And you could use it to carry all the rest of your gifts home in!
Maybe I just don't like to wrap. Hmmmm, something else to contemplate.
So do you have any ideas on improving on our wrapping technique?
Not a rapper,
Sonya Ann


Jill said...

I'm the same, love giving items that can be reused. Shoe boxes (plastic from $1.00) and photo boxes (Michaels) are great for adding gifts. Laundry baskets, ThirtyOne bags ;-) and so much more. There's so much waste in wrapping paper *sigh*
Hope your having a great day....oh and my shopping is about done!


Anne in the kitchen said...

I am so torn on this one. While I agree with the fact that there is so much waste using wrapping paper and such, I am a sucker for bright shiny packages. I have not bought gift wrap since my now sophomore in college was in elementary school and sold gift wrap as a PTA fundraiser. I figure since it was bought ( did I mention the rolls are huge) I might as well use it. I do use satin ribbon and save and reuse it each year.

About 3 years ago I went to the thrift store and bought garish shiny ugly formals. I cut them up and sewed the fabric into bags that will fit around boxes. I use those every year but only with family members so I can get the bags back. They close with velcro tabs so technically anyone who wanted to sneak a peek at their gifts could, but that becomes a "them" problem and not a "me" problem.

Linda said...

Since I only pay a quarter at yard sales for paper, I don't feel bad about using wrapping paper. I mail one gift to NY and one to TX with multiple gifts in each box, stuffed in and fitted in so I can mail one flat rate box. So, I don't wrap. My daughter wrapped in NY and dil in TX. One year, my daughter was so tired, I told her to just wrap the mailed boxes (3)and to open them on Christmas morning and sort it all out then. That year, I sent g-son a coat and throws for all, so it took three boxes. But, I did not mail one to each person. She was so grateful I suggested that. I did tell her which box to open to get things for use before Christmas.

Janie Junebug said...

Those are great ideas. One yer I gave mugs with treats in them. I bought three rolls of inexpensive wrapping paper for my first Christmas here (five years ago). I still have a roll left.


McVal said...

I'll use whatever I can get my hands on. I usually stock up on wrapping paper and then the kids blow through it super fast... I did go through a kick of sewing a bag for the presents, but I think the kids enjoyed making the living room look like hell a heckofa lot better with real wrapping paper. And no one gave me back their bag...

Frances said...

I love wrapping paper and gift bags. I get $1 bags at the dollar store and wrapping paper when I find it on sale really cheap. Now that we have a fireplace, we can use it as firestarter. Keeping it out of the landfill.

I have used reusable shopping bags in previous years. Just tied bows on them an filled them up. Most of our family doesn't care what it in, only what the gift is. LOL!

Jane said...

I guess I'm a frugal wrapper too as I tend to use Dollarama boxes and cloth bags for the most part. And then I hope I get them back the following Christmas so I can reuse them again. Frugal sounds so much better than CHEAP!

Sonya Ann said...

Jill-Ok I think you were bragging a bit about being almost done. LOL
I just hate the fact that you spent money on something that will be trash. I like when you can reuse it over and over.

Sonya Ann said...

Anne in the kitchen-Ok don't tell anyone but a beautifully wrapped gift does it for me.
I do love that you bought a formal and cut it up. I swear it is becoming more and more apparent that I need to learn to sew.

Sonya Ann said...

Linda-Hey, if its just a $.25! But I never seem to get lucky like that around here. It's always old tupperware that I find.

Sonya Ann said...

Janie Junebug-That's what we are going to do. Now I just need to find a place that sells bulk candy cheap.

Sonya Ann said...

McVal-I never thought about making the bags and no one giving them back. I guess they thought it was part of their gift. I do have a stash of Christmas gift boxes that I have been reusing. I get those back. Maybe that's the way ot go.

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-Where do you store your wood?
I agree our family doesn't care so much about the bag. Well, now that the kids are older they don't care. And my nephew's gift I rarely wrap, I have it ready to go and play with!

Sonya Ann said...

Jane-Is free better than cheap or is it the same thing?