Monday, November 3, 2014

Sick, and Dying Mish Mosh Monday

Den and I aren't happy campers. We have some stupid cold that is going around and it seems to really be enjoying its time with us. Neither one of us can kick this stupid cold/bug/virus/misery.
The bad thing is we were both sick and cranky at the same time. The good thing is we were both too tired to yell and even if we wanted to, our throats wouldn't let us. The best we could do was muster a dirty look or two.
Guess what we do when we get really sick? Spend money. Maybe this cold thingy shut off our cheap ways. We haven't found anything at garage sales or second hand stores that would work for furniture for Anna's room. Well, I did find a bedroom set at a garage sale that was just stunning, they also wanted $4500 for it.
After searching many different stores, we decided that we liked the clearance section of one of the super posh stores I have been posting pictures of. Note to self, just stay out of those stores.
Right before we bought the slightly chipped furniture, Den realized that it was particle board and not well made. It was the only set that we both liked and was small enough for the room. We had decided that it was alright to buy a new set because well, we couldn't find anything used for the last few months and we keep our furniture forever. Den said it was an investment and would be with us til we died.
I wasn't real happy with the thought of having to start our search all over again. We are pushing me out of my comfort zone. We are going to have company for Thanksgiving and I have a trashed room and nowhere for Anna to sleep. I have issues, oh and I don't like to spend money.
I have also learned that finding a bedroom set with a full headboard is a problem. I guess full sized beds are now only for kid's rooms. And I wasn't willing to buy purple furniture.
We ended up buying a simple set from Steinhafels. This is as posh as it gets around here. I hate parting with money but the quality is amazing and I'll leave it in the will for one of the kids. It will be with us for a while.
And since we were in the spending mood, we bought new bedding for our room. We desperately needed it. The last bedding set we had was from when Thor(our wonderful Rott) was alive. He died when DJ was in 3rd grade. We took that bedding past the point of well used.
So what do I do when I overspend? I try and find other ways to save money.
I took the full sized bedding that I found at a garage sale plus the curtains, bedskirt and pillowcase from Anna's room and tried to dye them black in an effort to save money.
I also decided to dye my valances chocolate brown to match the new bedding.
And I discovered purple! Anna's valances did turn out to be the perfect color for my room though. How does black end up turning something a darker brown? They ended up being too short on the sides to work. So is my luck.
Because I don't learn(or we could blame it on the cold), I went to the store and decided to try again. Den hit the $5 movie bin. It looked cheesetastic and I won't be watching that crap.
Tada! It still didn't work! I rehung my valances even though they don't match. I give up on dying.
The wash tub took the color quite well though.
I'm just glad this weekend is over, its going in the failure column.
The only bright spot was the $60 that I got to add to my Christmas kitty. Den and I won/earned $60 in gas cards when we were in Vegas. I took the money that I would have spend on gas and threw it in the fund. Yay for something working out this past weekend.
So here we are...................
 $250          Bank of America credit
$100.49     Google(blog writing)
$138          Pinecone research
$320.13     BP
$25            Amazon gift code from Saving Star
$25            Bass Pro Gift card from MyPoints
$10            Chili's gift card from MyPoints
$25            Amazon gift code that I won from Donna Freedman at Surviving and Thriving!!!!!
$50            Gamestop gift code from e-rewards
$4              Liquor rebate
$134.40     Hotel refund
$60            Free gas cards from Silverton converted to cash
Total $1142.02 for our 2014 Christmas!
Glad its over,
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

Oh come on!
$4 in liquor rebates in a year?

And you call me a slacker on my drinking efforts!

Glad you aren't dying any longer.....

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-Hahaha, smart ass.

Jane said...

You decorate like I do (hanging my head in shame!) Though good job on the furniture - I find it very hard to talk myself into buying the good stuff even though I know it will last longer.

Cheapchick said...

We searched and searched craigslist, kijiji and a used furniture store for some side tables for my stepdaughters bedroom. In the end we used 2 odd tables we owned already and bought 1 new one that is really nice $80 marked down to $40. We went without a headboard as was worried it would take up too much room (already have a couch in that room plus the bed) and just bought a metal frame for the bed. Used doesn't always work out the way you want it to.

Sonya Ann said...

Jane-It seems to go in spurts. You can be frugal for a long time and then BAM, you spend it all.

Sonya Ann said...

Cheapchick-We buy 85% of everything used but this time we just couldn't find anything or even piecemeal it together.
Good job on your frugal redo and for taking such good care of your stepdaughter.

Linda said...

I won't buy another bed until I can find one with a footboard that comes up above the mattress. What happened to those? When I was looking for a bed, I could not find one with a footboard.

Do you really need a valance?

slugmama said...

Smart ass here

How about a futon instead of a real bed?
It takes up less space when it's a sofa and good lord you can buy one of those anywhere....even get one used and buy a new "mattress"

Janie Junebug said...

Who pays $4500 for something at a garage sale? Garage sale finds are supposed to be more like $5. I've done my share of dying. I bought a white dress on sale and loved it so much that I wanted it in a different color. It didn't come in a different color. So I bought another one in white and tried to dye it brown. I'm not sure what color it is, but it kind of looks distressed.


Anne in the kitchen said...

Went to a charity fundraiser this weekend that had a silent auction as an aside. I bid on many things, just to be the opening bid. I guessed I would not "win" any of the bids since mine were the required opening amount. Ha! I wound up with a brand new brown suede upholstered headboard for $45, (Donated by a local furniture company) After trying for an hour to load it into a car, and a return trip with a truck, I understand why no one else bid on it. It is huge and heavy, but it looks great. I will never move it again and after we die our kids can have it, move it or sell it.

Sonya Ann said...

Linda-I really want room darkening curtain but those aren't cheap. I want, I want, I want, I'm like a little kid.

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy(smart ass)- We have 2 futons/couches in this house. I'm kind of thinking about getting rid of DJ's futon for a real bed. Bet he wouldn't be happy about that one when he came home.

Sonya Ann said...

Janie Junebug-No kidding about the $4500 at a garage sale. They were the types that thought their stuff was worth more than what they paid new for it just because they owned it.
There really needs to be a warning about dye. I'll never do it again.

Sonya Ann said...

Anne in the kitchen-Great job on the win!! I have never been to one in my life. Sounds like fun. But it sounds like the headboard will be sold with the house sort of thing.

Frances said...

Sonya Ann, we are frugal so we CAN buy new when we want it.

You are doing great on your Christmas fund!

Frances said...

Oh, and Hubby had that cold crap for week. He didn't feel as bad as he sounded, but he was petty out of it for a while. I am so glad I didn't catch it.

Hope you and Den feel better.

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-Thank you and it spends way faster than you can save it. Its just not fair.

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-We are better but it still it seems like such a waste of life/time. He may be right, its the government or maybe aliens.