Monday, November 24, 2014

Ultimate Mess Moshed Monday

I've got a plethora of odds and ends for you today!
It's a bit blurry but I think Sue is worried about Ebola. Den wanted me to zip him in the plastic bag but he is way quicker than me!
Speaking of plastic, Den managed to get the plastic up on all the window. Wow, does that help with all this cold weather. 
I got more bedding for our room. This made the room look cleaner. The other bedding was too busy with the oriental tapestries. Since it was missing the bed skirt, I got $400 bedding for $105. Well, my MIL bought it for $105. She spoils me. I was ready to cry, I was so happy. It's been 15 years since the house had a major overhaul. And I'm not stopping.
But then the old valances didn't match sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
I got new valances that I hate. It's better than the brown but UGH! I have never been this picky in my life, I really don't know what is going on with me. They will be fine until after the holidays. And that nasty old shade is next on the list to get replaced.
If you want to save money, don't buy anything new for a room. It will just make everything else look like crap.
Anna's room now has valances. I swear I am doing nothing but abusing my MIL, Donna. She loves to sew and I had a plan. I bought a black bed skirt from the Salvation Army for $3.88. And Donna made two valances out of it.
Maybe after the holidays, I could convince her to sew two valances for my room. Poor woman! Plus my SIL moved to OH and she is trying to help her. And DJ, bless his kind heart, gave the outer part of his zip apart coat to his roommate. DJ and I got into a HUGE fight when we were packing him to leave for college. He didn't want to bring ANY of his winter clothes. I insisted, LOUDLY. Seems he is one of the few kids that packed winter gear. My MIL is going to bring him more winter gear and buy him a coat and boots. It's 10 minutes out of her way to stop and see DJ when she is going to visit my SIL. I can honestly say, I have the best MIL that I have ever heard of.
About 5 years ago, an estranged family member on Den's side, called and threatened to abduct our kids and so on. For a recap of that drama, go here.  Alls been quiet until the woman that started all the threats, sent Den a friend request on Facebook. How fried does your mind have to be to think that you can threaten someone's entire family and then they would want to be your friend? And the biggest question of them all is, why do crazy people target us? Let's not forget the lovely cards that we got in the mail announcing the birth of Den's love child and an invite for me to catch him cheating. Please ponder why this crazy shit keeps happening to me and come up with a solution.

Den and I scored an awesome waffle maker at a garage sale. It was a whole $1. Den took the plates out and I scrubbed the snot out of it with wanton disregard for electrical safety. It was a mess in there. And by the time we were done, it didn't work. A dollar and quite a bit of time wasted. So the lesson here is check to see if it works before you scrub it. Or the lesson is don't scrub it until it doesn't work.
We are one month from X-day, people. Be afraid!
I scored $3 from Pinecone and $20 in Amazon gift codes from Swagbucks. Dang, those spend fast! I count gift cards as money. My tally, my way!
To be honest, I'm done shopping and I have the tally on how much I spent minus one gift. We buy chocolates for the owner of Den's company for the annual Christmas party. I buy them the day before so they are nice and fresh. Its always around $45.
So here is the free money that I have gathered............................
 $250          Bank of America credit
$100.49     Google(blog writing)
$156          Pinecone research
$320.13     BP
$25            Amazon gift code from Saving Star
$25            Bass Pro Gift card from MyPoints
$10            Chili's gift card from MyPoints
$25            Amazon gift code that I won from Donna Freedman at Surviving and Thriving!!!!!
$50            Gamestop gift code from e-rewards
$4              Liquor rebate
$134.40     Hotel refund
$60            Free gas cards from Silverton converted to cash
$15            Sears bonus giftcard for purchasing over $50
$20            Amazon gift codes from Swagbucks
Total $1195.02 for our 2014 Christmas!
 And that is all the mess that I have for you this Monday. So leave here and feel good about yourself! Your life can't possibly this messed up!
Thinkin' about drinkin',
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

Ok, I want to see all those presents in one big pile....IF you can get it all in one room. lolz

Is it too early to start on next Christmas' list?

Sonya Ann said...

slug-Seriously, it will be a small pile! Gift codes and cards don't take up much room.
And I was thinking that I am almost ready to get going on next years list.
I was at CVS and talking to the manager and he was saying that there were two women that would come in when everything was 90% off and do all of their Christmas shopping. They would go home and wrap and be done for the next year. Pretty smart but everything is really picked over.

Cheapchick said...

You is a crazy shit magnet my friend. I have half the shopping done (primarily because we had to give half the family gifts this week :)) but I don't feel too stressed about it. I will slowly try and get the rest done in the next 2 weeks. I threw my Christmas wreath on the door, step one of decorating. Usually I have everything bought and decorated by now - a bit behind this year.

McVal said...

Too bad about the waffle iron...

And Cheapchick is right... You're a crazy magnet!
Probably why I visit your blog...

Linda said...

I thought I attracted all the crazies. I just saw one in WM and told her to go away. She just does not get it. Crazies are drawn to me.

Why did your child not want to take winter clothing? That one puzzles me. My grandson was specifically told by his college to bring warm clothing and a list. It must be that the kids go off in September and forget winter comes every year. Or something. What?

Sonya Ann said...

Cheapchick-Hey, I think it is great that you have already handed out a lot of your gifts. Go YOu!
And I think you have way too much going on in your household to even be concerned with being behind.

Sonya Ann said...

McVal-Maybe I'll ask santa for a waffle iron and Den will have to make them. Maybe I should just buy the waffle maker for Den for Christmas.
Hahaha, yes you are as nuts as I am.

Sonya Ann said...

Linda-I don't understand why the nuts won't stay to themselves.
DJ is a minimalist and he thought that I was packing way too much stuff. Anna on the other hand wanted to take everything that she owned.

Frances said...

You do have a nice MIL. Your new bedding is very nice! Don't worry about being picky. I have been shopping for a new comforter for 6 months and still haven't found any I like.

Too bad I didn't know you were looking for black valances. I have some in the top of my closet we decided not to use. I just haven't taken them to the thrift store yet.

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-I got a crappy mother but my MIL makes up for it. She is so so wonderful!
I'm also looking for money, is there any at the top of your closet that you don't need? I'll take that too.