Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Exhausted Mish Moshed Monday

Your getting Mish Moshed Monday on Tuesday. Things just aren't going as planned for me. So if I seem like a whiner or this post seems flat, well its because I'm spent. But to be honest, I'm not really flat, I'm way opposite. So if you need some excitement when my rambling post is flat and boring, think about my chest not being flat. That might help.
Sorry, I got side-tracked on trying to find ways to keep you interested in the post.
The above is the Thanksgiving project this year. We made wreaths and it was fun and awesome. Not the cheapest project but I got the wreathes for half off and bought the decorations from the Dollar Store. Its going in the win category.
My stolen lovingly borrowed wi-fi signal is just about non-existent. We get our signal from a neighbor. She changed her router and now it isn't working well. It has taken me hours to post to this point. That might explain my crabbiness. I'm very determined to post something for you, appreciate that.
Dearest Anna is officially done with school. Her only chore left is to walk across the stage and collect her diploma. She plans on falling. When she said that, I laughed really hard. We might be pessimists.
We also closed our joint checking and savings accounts on Friday. YAY ME! That is a stress that I won't miss. She already has a ton of hours at her cleaning job lined up. Hmmmm, when she is in charge, the shit gets taken care of. Funny how that works.
Her vacation and reward to herself for graduating was to spend a few extra days at home just chillin. Never do I feel like being in this house is relaxing. Vegas maybe but not Antioch. She earned it and then some. She told me that her 4th grade class went all out for her last day teaching. They bought her gift cards and made her pictures.  She said she cried and had a gift bag and note for each child telling them how special they were. One proud mama here. And to think all those years of complaining/nagging/yelling at her paid off.

I drove my pain in the ass lovely youngest child back to Ball State on Sunday. It was a 12 hour and 6 minute round trip quest. He looks like he's not eating at all now and he is getting headaches a lot. I suspect that its from lack of food. He makes me nuts. I give him money and it goes for Magic cards. I packed up a large bag of microwavable junk for him to take back. It's something, though I'm not sure if it is nutritious or not but it makes me feel better to know he has something to eat.
Den and I did manage to sneak away from the madness, run a few errands and find a garage sale. We bought this beautiful and dusty divider for the laundry room. The woman said she paid $300 for it, we paid $10. And let me tell you, it is way too posh for our laundry room. We need to move to a more fitting house for our new find!
This is our super ugly and hard to hide water heater. Why the damned builder put it smack dab in the middle of the room is beyond me? Well, it was too save money but it makes it impossible to finish the room. Asshole! Blame it on the grumpiness, ok.
Its a little better.
And the other side before.
And after! I'm happy with it. It makes it a bit more crowded but I'll take it. We really need to gut and move everything in that little room to make it so it functions better but we also need a ton of money. I think I keep saying that.
We also managed to find time to go to Tmobile and switch from Verizon. It went as expected and lots of phone calls followed. We had to pay a termination fee of $500 but will get it back on a gift card. I'm not sure how I feel about Tmobile yet. The new Iphone that I got is amazing. We had some issues coming back from IN since I use my phone for my GPS. When DJ was in charge of the GPS, there were no problems, when Anna was in charge it was a mess and I'm thankful we didn't end up in Mexico. I'm pretty sure it was Anna that was the problem.
I got $30.36 from BP, $24.73 from Bank of America and $18 from Pinecone!
So my total is.....................
 $274.73          Bank of America credit
$100.49     Google(blog writing)
$174          Pinecone research
$350.49     BP
$25            Amazon gift code from Saving Star
$25            Bass Pro Gift card from MyPoints
$10            Chili's gift card from MyPoints
$25            Amazon gift code that I won from Donna Freedman at Surviving and Thriving!!!!!
$50            Gamestop gift code from e-rewards
$4              Liquor rebate
$134.40     Hotel refund
$60            Free gas cards from Silverton converted to cash
$15            Sears bonus giftcard for purchasing over $50
$20            Amazon gift codes from Swagbucks
Total $1268.11 for our 2014 Christmas!
It just keeps rolling in! To be honest, I'm so done shopping. I just have to come up with some cash for the kids. Its like I like them or something. 
Cranky and bloated,
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

Love, love, LOVE that wooden screen.
Don't spend the $ to remodel the screen is fine so screw it.

Congrats to Anna. Now to find a teaching job.....good luck with that!
Matt is going on 2nd year looking for one of those w/his teaching degree. ugh.

Lena said...

Gorgeous Anna! I hope she can find a good job very soon. And nice job on that wreath :)

McVal said...

Congratulations to Anna!!!! She's going to make a great teacher! And I'm so glad you had some down time with her.
Love that wreath & screen...

Oh! We got your Christmas card!!! First one of the year! until Robb told me he got one from a sort of friend last week. darn it. I have to get him in gear to get our letter written now.

Cheapchick said...

You need some chocolate. Definitely chocolate, booze is just not enough for this one :) The divider is an awesome find for $10 and definitely improves the look of that room. Isn't it nice when kids get off the payroll?

Linda said...

A ton of money would solve most of my problems at the moment, too.

I love the screen! Don't paint it and you can use it elsewhere OR paint it.

Can you buy your child a meal plan or a gift card to somewhere that only sells food, not the cards he is buying?

You are just so funny.

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-I'm happy with it too. I just wish that it wasn't in our crappy laundry room.
I'm just hoping that she can get a job at the college. I think that would be her best bet. I tell her but its up to her now. She's off the tit now so she will have to make her own way. And the masters program pays her so..........

Sonya Ann said...

Lena-Anna is a pretty girl but she is a nice person and I'm so proud of that.
And I had a blast making the wreath. We may nee 5 or 6 more around the house. LOL

Sonya Ann said...

McVal-I write them out in November and then mail them on Wednesday before Thanksgiving. There is just too many things for me to do the month of December. Maybe I'm just not organized enough.

Sonya Ann said...

Cheapchick-I really need a diet. My fat jeans are already tight. That just isn't a good sign going into the holiday season. But yes, wine and chocolate would probably make me forget about the diet. Ok so I like your plan better.

Sonya Ann said...

Linda-I'm not going to paint it. It would bee to hard with all of those holes.
DJ gets 10 meals a week with his card and the money was too fill in for any other meals. I'll just keep sending him junk food. That is my cheapest but not the healthiest plan.

Jane said...

That Anna is one gorgeous girl even if she doesn't know north from south!

Frances said...

Love the screen! It was a great bargain and the perfect thing to hide your water heater.

Congrats to Anna. Yeah for one less person you have to manage. As for DJ not eating enough....well, you can't make him eat. Hopefully he will eat enough. I was poor in college and missed some meals, but it didn't hurt me too much in the long run. If he is getting headaches, tell him (not that he will listen) he needs to at least get some protein. I get headaches when I don't get enough protein. You can send him some peanut butter and crackers. Pretty cheap protein source and maybe he will eat it.

Sonya Ann said...

Jane-They make us nuts, don't they?

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-I love the screen too. I still hate the laundry room but that helps just a little.
And I thought that getting Anna settled would help my nerves. Good grief, I shouldn't have to remind the boy to eat. I mean really when will this end.