Monday, February 16, 2015

Infused and Bound

My bestie bought me an infuser. She said that it would help with the nasty taste of water. She is dieting and lost a ton of weight. Me, not so much. So I used the gift and infused Smirnoff ice. OH DEAR LORD, THIS IS GOOD! Maybe I need to start making good choices. Haha, NEVER!
Remember how I have been saving boxes and glass recyclables? I had a plan! DJ's closet is a work in progress and I probably won't have it fixed until he moves completely out. But then again, Anna's isn't so great and she has been gone for a while. Let's just say that I have quite a few works in progress.
This isn't the cheapest project but it is easier to find boxes that fit shelves than it is to find nice baskets at Goodwill. The tape was about $2.99.
Make sure that you tape the edges last. Other than that, its an easy and quick project. Except the tape didn't want to come off the roll. At one point, I thought my wrist was going to dislocate. And sticking to itself was the only thing that it wanted to do. The box, well not so much. This tape is a novelty and wouldn't work for any real jobs. But it looks good and DJ will like it. Not that he would say anything other than grunt.
One roll will almost do two shoe boxes.
This is before.

And after.
Not that much of an improvement but like I said, its a work in progress. After looking at it, I'm not real sure DJ will be that excited about a couple of boxes. I'm sure that there are other boxes that he would be more interested in.

This is the box that would get his attention. All of his money goes for magic cards. I have to send him noodles so I know he is eating.
Like I said, his closet is a work in progress. This house is so small and we really don't have a lot of closet space. I do the best that I can with how little we have.
How brave was it for me to post one of my closets? Its so empowering. Not really, its terrifying. I need a few more covered shoe boxes and some large baskets and maybe it will be picture perfect. Snort, never in my house.
Told you the cat has to be the center of attention.
Now, the problem that I really have is, what do I do with all of the empty Smirnoff bottles that I have. It's getting overwhelming. LOL
Drunk crafter,
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

I thought you were going to say the only box DJ would be interested in was an X box. lol

I "cleaned", aka shoved a lot of stuff in, the Daughter's ex-room(aka the purple room or the toiletry room)closet this past weekend.
You can almost see the bed again but don't you dare open those closet doors as there is sort of a Fibber McGee and Molly situation now.

We should just give up and drink!

Cheapchick said...

What a good Mom - camo storage! He might actually say he likes it - don't be shocked.

Practical Parsimony said...

I once sewed covers to slip on the top and bottom of boxes. At least there was no Gorilla tape involved. But, those boxes were to sit out in an office. If your son is into camo, I am quite sure he will like it.

Anne in the kitchen said...

The covered boxes are cool, but not nearly as cool as using the water infuser to infuse vodka!

I am laughing because I just performed a basket amputation to make it fit the lazy susan cabinet where I keep my spices. (Why the hell do people put those lazy susans in a cabinet anyway, and if it bothers me so why haven't I taken it out?). Or am I the only person with kamikaze spice jars that fling themselves off the lazy susan and die a slow death in the far back corner where I never see them?

ChiTown Girl said...

How did I not know your son was into Magic? My son LOVES Magic! And, he's a big fan of camo, too.

I knew there were SO many reasons we are kindred spirits... =)

And, excellent use of the diffuser, by the way. You're a genius!!


MiserlyMac said...

Your closet looks great! The boxes are cool, I think you can make vases out of the bottles, I saw some on thriftyfun using glue and colorful paper. My closets are even smaller than yours, I love your organization skills!

McVal said...

You ARE brave to show off your closets! I love what you did to those boxes... I guess I need to get drunk sometime and do that to some boxes around here!

Jane said...

The cat is posed so perfectly lol - I think you could hire her out!

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-Its like these kids left us a lifetime of cleaning up to do. I still have bins under Anna's bed and I don't see them going anywhere anytime soon.
I'm ready for a drink and its 9am. Is that wrong?

Sonya Ann said...

Cheapchick-I have wanted to do this for a while but he would have complained too much. He doesn't like when I mess with his junk.

Sonya Ann said...

Practical Parsimony-You would think that we were going to war if you saw all of his paintball gear.

Sonya Ann said...

Anne in the kitchen-I enjoyed the drinks more than the boxes!
We only have a spinning spice rack and I lose tons of stuff all the time. But I have to say that I have always been jealous of anyone that had a kitchen nice enough for a lazy susan.

Sonya Ann said...

ChiTown Girl-Playing Magic is way better than getting in trouble!
And thank you for thinking I'm a genius, I just thought I was a drunk.

Sonya Ann said...

MiserlyMac-It just feels like a never ending task getting this house in order. Den has always said that when we get it all done, we will move. I hope its to somewhere warm. LOL

Sonya Ann said...

McVal-I just can't see you drinking. I will wait with baited breath to read that post! Drunk sewing, it is!

Sonya Ann said...

Jane- Are you offering me money for the cat? Say yes, please.