Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tumultuous Tuesday

Well, we have had a few things happen around here. And we needed a grown-up timeout.
First the miserable news, Den's dad has prostate cancer. They caught it right away and we know he will be fine. It's just one of those things that eats at you even when you aren't thinking about it. He is a very good man and has been nothing but good to me. My inlaws are true gold.
Den isn't a man of many words. He is a man of grunts. He has always been a grumpy sort. The kids loved nothing more than to get him shirts and whatnot with Grumpy from the 7 dwarfs on it. But this is different. He really hasn't been happy and he seems a bit more upset lately. I know he is worried about his dad. Plus, he has been having problems at work. It's not my place to talk about his work but I will say that there are a couple people that are pretty awful in his department. He has tried over and over to help a very lazy person and all they do is push their work off on others and then go and spend time with a "friend." Den only has so much authority and he went off on his boss about him not backing him. In the entire time that Den has worked there, he has really only gotten mad a hand full of times. Poor Den.

After he told me about the problems, I suggested that he try and take off and we should run away. Well as far as the Dells. His boss gladly gave him time off. LOL. They know about his dad and they know about the problems that he has to deal with. Plus, Den's boss really is a wonderful man. I have known him for 20 years and he is great.
We had a blast in the Dells. We didn't win but it was nice to get away and relax. I had a lot of fun playing a game called John Wayne and I think that it may be calling me back. Plus the BOGO drink coupons were great, sort of. Den was drinking lite beer and I was drinking Mike's Hard Lemonade. Needless to say, I kept up with Den's fast guzzling and then I wasn't doing so hot. I will not say that I was drunk. I will say that I had to lay down for some time. I also used that long round pillow to prop up my head and then realized that someone probably had sex on it and that I had someone's sex in my hair. I won't use the BOGO coupons again, they made me feel dirty. 
Is this Santa making you feel dirty?
On another good note, I finally got some money for our Christmas 2015!!!!!! Yeah, Sonya!!!
I got $15 from Pinecone Research and $38.79 from BP!!!

$15        Pinecone Research
$38.79    BP
For a total of $53.79!!!
I can barely contain myself! Over the total not the nasty Santa.
We did manage to get quite a bit of TV time in. We watched the entire series of Game of Thrones when we got back. I love that series but there were only 10 episodes in it. I NEED MORE!!!
Ahhh and this is a picture of our shower/tub upstairs. It has been leaking OUTSIDE!!!! Oh joy. The grout was all screwed up so I figured that I would redo it and that should stop the small leak. The last time that we had a leak I ended up pulling off siding and cutting parts of the house away so I could fix it and then we ended up having to redo the entire bathroom.
I spent hours and hours, chipping, scrapping, cussing, and poking grout in the crack. Only to realize that when it dried, the tiles are loose and it won't hold. Sigh. Soon, I will be tearing out tile. I just hope that I don't ruin the tub like I did last time. Last time, we had to rip out the tub because I was a bit overzealous with the hammer. Look, my arm gets tired and I lose control. I have also hit tile so hard that my hammer stuck in the drywall in the other room. I thought Den was going to have my head on a stake when he realized that he had even more drywall work to do and in the hall. I'm strong and careless, what can I say?
But ripping out tile will have to wait for a little bit though. Anna is coming home next Monday for her last visit before she leaves for CA and I have to pick DJ up this Friday for Spring break. It will be nice to have us all back together. Even my inlaws will be back from AZ so it should make for a nice visit. But hey, after spending a week with all of us under one roof, I may be in the mood to crush some tiles.
Sonya Ann


Jenny Woolf said...

I am so sorry to hear about Den's dad, and about the work problems as well.
Sounds like you all need to get yourselves some of those Santa outfits.

Sonya Ann said...

Jenny Woolf-Thank you.
Maybe I should wear one of those costumes when his dad gets out of surgery! I'm sure that will make him feel better. LOL or get me kicked out.

joe said...

There's absolutely no way you could get me to sit on that Santa's lap

slugmama said...

Have Den look at his dad's cancer this way....prostate cancer is a very slow non-aggressive cancer. In all probability something else will kill him before prostate cancer will. If someone has to get cancer this one is the one to get. 8-)

And you went to the Dells without telling me?!?! sniff, sniff

Practical Parsimony said...

My ex's grandfather had prostate cancer and lived another ten years and died at age 88 of something entirely unrelated. So, there is hope, but the word "cancer" is always not so good news. I am sorry to hear Den has to shoulder this diagnosis.

That is a gross Santa!yuck

Cheapchick said...

Crappy about Den's Dad but fingers and toes crossed he will be fine. It is amazing what modern medicine does these days. Glad you guys got away for a bit - we need that but I have a furry ball and chain preventing it (Buddy) for a little while. Perhaps have Den do the bathroom? That way if he screws it up he only has himself to deal with :)

Sonya Ann said...

joe-I would totally post pictures of that!

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-He has an awesome doctor and said that to him but he stills worries and rightfully so. He has about 3 weeks before surgery so everything will calm down after its done.
Sorry about the Dells but would you have gambled?

Sonya Ann said...

Practical Parsimony-Hearing all the stories really helps. Thank you. I know he will be alright but it is still scary.
So you don't want that Santa to visit you for Christmas?

Sonya Ann said...

Cheapchick-Everyone is hopeful about his dad but we all just want the surgery done and over with.
But that is the cutest ball and chain that I have ever seen!
I think that the bathroom won't happen until Marchish. We will probably wait until his dad's surgery is over. But I want to get it done before we open the pool and start working on the yard-May/Juneish.

McVal said...

Again, i'm sorry about your FIL. I hope it all works out well.

As for the bathroom, we've got a leak in ours too and the dining room ceiling WILL fall in eventually... It's only from the shower so I've been taking baths for about 6 months... yuck...

We hope to have it fixed soon.

And that is one NASTY Santa...

Sonya Ann said...

McVal-How can you say taking a bath is a bad thing?!?!?! I love taking long hot bathes!!! It's my thing.
Yeah, and I wouldn't want that Santa coming down my chimney.

Anne in the kitchen said...

I am so sorry about your father in law. We are currently experiencing it with my dad.

Am I the only one wondering about your pillow sex hair? I think I would have needed to add some Clorox to my shampoo.

Donna Freedman said...

I'm sorry to hear about the diagnosis, but the treatments have gotten better. Prayers ascending!
Glad the two of you got away for a little while. Still wish you were going to be in Vegas while I'm there for the conference. :-(

Jane said...

My dad went through prostate treatment with flying colours - it's one of those easily curable ones thank goodness, but of course it's still a worry!!
Nasty Santa gives "ho ho" a hole, I mean a whole new meaning....ewww!

Frances said...

Even I would not want that Santa in my house and I love most Santas.

Den's dad, and Den, will be in my prayers.

Sonya Ann said...

Anne in the kitchen-I'm sorry about your dad. I'm sure that they both will be fine. But they make you worry!
It was a gross thought. And thanks for the hair washing tip!

Sonya Ann said...

Donna Freedman-Thank you for the prayers, it helps to know that everyone is praying!
I too, wish I would be there. Hmmmm, think I could talk Den into shipping me there say a month early?

Sonya Ann said...

Jane-It does help to hear that so many people have gone through it without a problem.
And EWWWWWWWWW, you are worse than I am!

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-I want that Santa to stay away no matter how many coach purses he is carrying!
And thank you for the prayers.