Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Bandaged, Cold Minions

Ahhhh, this was a lovely picture that DJ took as we were speeding driving ever so carefully back to Ball State.I made the trip in 10 hours! It normally takes me 12. Now before you go calling the cops, it is supposed to be a 9 hour round trip drive but with the wind, ice, and accidents it always took 12. Relax there, Robocop.

It has been crazy here. Let's see, where to start?
DJ was home last week. Bless his sloppy heart. Every morning, I would get up and there were wrappers and cups everywhere. I didn't know that we had that many cups. He might have been bringing in wrappers and trash from other people's houses. Every room had his destruction in it. I did manage to hold my tongue until the day and then I got all momesque on his ass. He was also a crab-ass on the trip back because he was tired because he was out late. Not my problem and we had to have another readjustment. Don't get me wrong, I missed him just not his snarky mouth or mess.
Anna also came in for a long visit because this was the last time she would be able to before she moved to CA. She is moving on Friday. Yes, Friday the 13th. She has my luck so what could go wrong?
I also got a refresher course in all that is Anna. She will always help me clean up. Always. In fact, she helped quite a bit with the aftermath of DJ. She complained terrible about her brother which made me laugh, she sounds so much like me. And I'm glad that she gets it now. But Anna is our social butterfly, we would wake up and people would be asleep in various rooms. Den asked me one night while he was trying to make dinner, how many people should he cook for? I said, figure on anywhere from 3 to 13. We ended up with 6 that night.
I have to say though, they are getting easier to be around. I should have sent them to college and let them learn life's struggles at about 15. Maybe 12.
I'll keep you posted on Anna and her move. I'm sure it will be an adventure. It does seem like she has everything planned out. She really is turning into her mother. She even argued with Scott about getting rid of a lot of his things and the argument sounded like one that I had had with Den many times. It sounded a bit like, "In your mind, that argument is acceptable?" "And you really think that this will work?" All ended with, "Something is wrong with you."
I think I can finally say that she is on the upswing. It was always an adventure with her.
DJ is smart but is mouthy and sloppy. He always seemed to get it sooner than Anna even though he is 4 years younger. He was 3 credits shy of being a sophomore after his first semester in college. He's smart just a slob. I guess I think my kids will be alright when I see they act, sound, and do things like I do. So basically I wanted minions.
My FIL is having surgery today. So I will be out and about today. I'm sure that he will be fine and I will keep everyone posted. And thank you all for the prayers/vibes/well wishes. I love you guys.
And I did get to see one thing that I haven't seen in a while when taking DJ back to school, no not the bird poop but the ground! We are still a white and cold tundra. We may live on Hoth. I'm so geeky and guess what, so are my kids! Maybe we should move the moon of Endor. Oh and in case you ever need to be cool and look something up about Star Wars just go to Wookieepedia! THAT IS AWESOMENESS!
Out of here,
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

Well just remember.....the snark doesn't fall far from the tree. lolz

This week I get to clean up after a slob son!
Oh the joys of motherhood....

Rachel said...

Hope your father-in-laws surgery goes well.

It wasn't until I saw my parents house this weekend that I realized what it looks like when your college kid comes home. My sister came home for the weekend and let's just say my mother was going insane because of the mess she was leaving in her wake. She even said that my sister's mess was worse than when the grandkids come over. LOL

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-And snark runs in our family, dear!
They are actually pigs and we are just now noticing.

Sonya Ann said...

Rachel-I hope it does too.
I can't even believe the mess that they made. Anna picked up but the never ending parade of people gets tiresome. And DJ is just flat out gross. So I can see how grandkids would be neater than a college student.

joe said...

I was getting ready to call the cops until I finished reading the first paragraph. I came this close..

Cheapchick said...

I hope all goes well with your fatherinlaw. Kids are way more likable the older they get - I completely agree. Partly because you get to say goodbye to them and they have to take care of themselves lol.

Elephant's Child said...

Hope the surgery goes very well.
Sadly my partner is still a slob. I put it down to belief in fairies. And I am tired of being the 'where's my' fairy, and the toilet paper fairy and rather a lot of other fairies as well.

Practical Parsimony said...

I value smart over neatness. Maybe he can make so much money he can hire a maid. Or, he can live in squalor until he cannot see over the wrappers. You are very patient with all the company.

McVal said...

I hope the surgery went well! Just said a prayer for him.

And the kids have turned out! Maybe not with all the perfection that we all want in our kids, but they've turned out! I'm still failing on at least one. But enjoying his offspring... Woohoo for second chances!!!

I can tell you're going to miss Anna! and that you'll even miss DJ. You know like when you're walking around the house trying to find out what that smell is and where he hid that cup.

Jane said...

Hope the surgery went well!
At least your kids are balanced - one who messes up the joint and one who helps clean it up!

Sonya Ann said...

joe-Hahaha, you make me laugh!

Sonya Ann said...

Cheapchick-So far so good with my FIL, we are very hopeful that he is cancer free.
They have become much more likeable now that they have left. Or maybe it me that is more likeable now that they have left.

Sonya Ann said...

Elephant's Child-He came through the surgery like a trooper.
I would like a few fairies. The money fairy especially!!!

Sonya Ann said...

Practical Parsimony-Well the boy is all yours then. He is quite smart but a slob. And we have said so many times that he better be rich so he can hire a fleet of maids.

Sonya Ann said...

McVal-Thank you for the prayer. He is doing well. It was supposed to be a 5 hr surgery but it was almost 6 hrs. He's in pain but hopefully cancer free.
It's always a battle with kids. Anna is leaving tommorow and damned if she can return a text. I would love to know how she is doing but.......
And I hate the "Find the funk smell" game.

Sonya Ann said...

Jane-The surgery went well, the recovery well, that will take some time.
Why is it the clean one is leaving?

Frances said...

Did you consider pulling over to the side of the road and telling DJ that if he was going to be crabby that he could get out and walk.

Yes...that can change an attitude. LOL!

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-Yes, I thought about that and then I thought about stabbing him with a straw.