Monday, April 27, 2015

Bloggers United

Thank you all so much for joining and making this work. So many of you are onboard(leave a comment on this post and your in). I see you visiting other people and leaving comments on their blogs and you are also linking to the other members. Thank you.
And we have had a major break through, sluggy has now named us all bloogers. That is going on our jackets for sure. Her finger stuttered  or she was hitting the liquor a little early but it is the greatest name for us.
I was wondering how people get more followers. Do you go and visit blogs from searching through other people's followers. Do you just jump around and explore? Do you ask for people to follow your blog while you are having a giveaway? What is the secret?
Sonya Ann
Don't forget COMMENT to join, VISIT other members, LINK to other members!!!! COMMENT, VISIT, LINK!!!!
Leave your name and your blog/site name and tell me that you want to join the gang and I'll add you to the official list. Feel free to give yourself a title.
And the official members of the Blogger United Federation are.............................


    Practical Parsimony said...

    I suppose I get followers from commenting on other blogs. When I go to a blog, I read other blogs found on the blog roll. Then, I wander afar and have no idea where I am.

    You may not be aware but the title of Mrs was held by me during the 14 years of my life when I was horribly abused. So, if you don't mind, can I reject that title?

    What happens if someone like me types "blooger" as "booger"? Will we rip the "l" off our jackets? We could eventually be known as "boo." That is how Garp got his name.

    Jennifer said...

    Eco chick. That is my title. I will make sure the office stays environmentally friendly. We have to appease the world-at-large you know.

    I figure practical parsimony is right. Commenting on blogs until they find you interesting.

    Gill - That British Woman said...

    there are no secret formula's to getting people to follow your blog. However commenting on other people's blogs helps and participating in blog events also helps.

    I try and blog everyday as I think that also helps. At the end of the day though unless you blog as it's part of your income, just do what you want and when you want.

    Practical Parsimony said...

    I never tried to get more followers. I was sort of slow. It never occurred to try to get more followers until I heard others talking about getting more followers. I do know people said they came to my blog because of the catchy name. One guy approached me, asking me to put his blog on mine and he would put my blog on his roll. That man is a thorn in my side and a bit nuts.

    Sonya Ann said...

    Practical Parsimony-I wonder too, I was just wondering if there was a formula to the wandering.
    I think we will end up with some name that keeps changing. We may need to scratch a few things off of our jackets. Maybe a dry erase board sewn on.

    Sonya Ann said...

    Jennifer-And its all yours!!! And you are so right about taking care of our planet. I save jars. Maybe its more of an obsession. LOL

    Jane said...

    Sometimes I scroll through other's blog lists and visit those who seem interesting or aligned to what I'm talking about. Sometimes its through reading comments left by others.
    Isn't bloooooging fun?!?

    Sonya Ann said...

    Gill- That British Woman-I poke around a lot. There are a lot of blogs that have tons of followers and I don't have many after 8 years. I was just wondering if I was doing ti wrong. LOL
    And you are right, I should just be doing what I want.

    slugmama said...

    I am aok with a dry erase board sewn in but can we BEDAZZLE the jackets.....pretty puhleez!?!

    I will find other blogs I like either through friend's blog rolls or then I start clicking on the blog rolls of the friend's of friends and on and on. Often I stop and look around and wonder, "Where the heck am I?" and I have not even been drinking. 8-)

    Sonya Ann said...

    Practical Parsimony-I was just trying to sort why some get more than others.

    Sonya Ann said...

    Jane-I guess I need a new approach.I'll poke around in other people's comment section more. Thank you!

    Sonya Ann said...

    sluggy-You are in charge of sewing in the dry erase boards and the rhinestones. The job is yours.
    I drive the way you lurk.

    Practical Parsimony said...

    It seems that if I put up a recipe, I get twice as many readers that day and maybe one more follower.

    How do we know who follows by email? Are they counted in followers? I m ignorant about blogger. I think I had s blog for about three years before I discovered a "comment" page.

    rivulet said...

    I've never tried to get more followers and I'm not sure how I'd go about doing so either. Good question.

    I find other blogs through traveling the worm hole of side bar links for sure. Plus when other bloggers comment on my blog, if I haven't been to there's before I make sure and stop by.

    Treaders said...

    Well I only recently starting writing my blog with the aim to put it down in writing and get it bound for my family, so I have to say I am not looking for followers but have been happily surprised when I have had a few comments. (Only 14 posts so far).

    As for the blogs I follow, I find that my taste has changed depending on my mood, my situation in life, etc. Sometimes I am looking for serious advice, sometimes for a kick up the backside and sometimes just looking for a bit of a light-hearted giggle. And you know, I have found all of that here on blooger world. But I am always open to reading new-to-me blogs - like Sonya Ann's. Love it. Anna

    Janie Junebug said...

    I don't know what's up. I've been editing, so I haven't read many blogs. I don't want to be a blooger. I am already a booger. Sometimes people find me and follow me and I follow them back. Sometimes I find people and follow them. I don't try very hard to seek out new followers. I'm okay with the number I have, so I have a relationship with my followers. They all come to my house for pizza and a movie on Tuesday nights. Where have you been?


    Practical Parsimony said...

    Janie Junebug,
    Pizza on Tuesday. I will be there.

    I really hate these new picture security things. It takes me many times to get through. I am not a robot!

    Practical Parsimony said...

    I have a pint of pink glitter if that will help. We could put our initials on the front like Laverne, trace the letter in glue and sprinkle my glitter on. Cool.
    Chickie Mama

    thriftyatsixty said...

    Hi Sonya. Thanks for the link. Hope I do everyone proud.
    I look at blog titles. If I like the name of the post and if it seems interesting, I click on it and read. I'm usually never disappointed.

    Frances said...

    My title is Queen. It always has been.

    Looking forward to the bedazzled jackets! Ooh la la!

    I grew followers from having giveaways and they just stayed.

    Anne in the kitchen said...

    I am a reader and will read almost anything, so blogs were like a gift from above. I have read some I really like but forget to bookmark them so they are lost to me forever, unless I accidentally happen on them again. Other times I follow links just to see what adventure happens. I had never given that much thought to followers though I do like them, but I have found a group of interesting people I check out daily now.

    McVal said...

    I want to be a blooger!!!
    Sign me up! I'll try and be good.

    Cheapchick said...

    Have fun in Vegas! Bring back some moolah