Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Massaging Sections

So many things going on and so little money. 
Remember my crappy fence? Well, I should rephrase that. Remember my neighbor's crappy fence?
It is long gone and went to crappy fence heaven. I tore the entire fence down with my bare hands. Yeah, I'm a force to be reckoned with.
Den, DJ and Tom(the neighbor) installed the planks. The fencing was under $20 a section and we got an 11% rebate. I love it. The rebate and the fence.
My bestie being English and having impeccable manners pointed out the fact that we paid for the entire thing, brought it home by tying it to the top of my van, then ripped the old fence down and help install the new fence and it isn't our fence. Its best to stare at her blankly from time to time. 
When we aren't busy mending fences, we have been garage saling.
I picked up this gem for $7. It is an actual painting not a print. I think it will be the deal of the season but the season is still young.
If anyone knows anything about paintings, please leave a comment. There are a few different Hopkins painters and we aren't experts. I would like to have it appraised though. The appraisal will probably cost more than the painting.
If nothing else, the frame is worth more than $7.
Den had an insurance meeting at work last week. I'll summarize it for you, prices are going up and serves are going down. But I bet that you would have guessed that.
Anywho, they gave everyone a crappy plastic massager. Since it has been over a year since anyone has used the insurance, I figure that massager is worth well over $5200. It is the only thing that we have to show for the money spent on said crappy and expensive insurance.
DJ said the cat should use the massager as a hat. Perhaps cats don't like crappy plastic massagers. I'm thinking he looks a bit pissed off. But I was too when I realized that the crappy massager cost us $5200. Think I could sell it on Ebay and get the money back? Sell the massager not the cat.            Not relaxed,
Sonya Ann


We are: Clamco said...

You know what they say about fences. Yours (or your neighbor's) looks great. A nice improvement. We want to fence our backyard, but funds are not there yet.
That painting is in the style of Thomas Kinkade (painter of light). Maybe he painted under another name for a while, who knows? It could be worth a lot.
Health insurance has to be the biggest headache/worry/expense/(insert various curse words here) for Americans today. We pay our own and about as much as you pay per year. When I start my new job in Aug, I'll be able to get benefits (hopefully better coverage) through work at a much lower cost, but I'll be making minimum wage. It's like the whole system is set up so you can't win.

slugmama said...

Uh oh.....you've done it now.
That cat is going to kill you in your sleep.

Another reason to get rid of him first! ;-)

Sonya Ann said...

We are: Clamco-I'm really hoping that that part of the fence is only temporary. We have the wood fencing, chain link and white resin in the yard. Its a mish-mosh of different fences on each side. I would love to have a white resin fence all the way around and across the driveway but it would be super expensive. Ahhhh, another thing to add to the to do list.
And I agree with you with every fiber of my being, we are set up to lose. NO matter how hard you try, you won't have a penny to your name. Makes me crazy.

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy woman-I figured you would be all over the trying to figure out the painting. I've got nothing on this one.
He may kill us. He really may.

Elephant's Child said...

Sigh on the fence front. And the insurance front. We have national insurance here, except that our guvmint is watering it down. We also have to have private insurance. Expensive. And it covers 'some' of the costs.
Sigh on the cat front too.
If I didn't have opposable thumbs and the ability to open cat cans and doors I would have been assassinated looooong ago.
The painting is lovely. And a good buy - but 'I know nothing...'

Jill said...

Great find on the picture! Good news about the fence!

Practical Parsimony said...

Why did you not put the new fence over a few inches onto your property? That cat is thinking evil thoughts that you probably would not like.

Janie Junebug said...

The fence is kind of yours. You get to look at it. I have Affordable Care Act insurance. I'm grateful. I don't use it much, but I have it in case of an emergency. Next week I'm going in for my yearly free physical.


Sonya Ann said...

Elephant's Child-I think the main purpose of insurance is to take our money. It's not as if anyone can use it but they can use our money. Robbing Bastards. Now I sound like my grandfather. Sigh, that made it worse.
I'm lost on the picture too. I don't want to spend more on the appraisal than I did on the painting but it is probably going to happen.
I'm done collecting cats and probably glassware. Well, maybe.

Sonya Ann said...

Jill-It has made such a huge difference in the look of the yard. Maybe I don't hate it so much here.

Sonya Ann said...

Practical Parsimony-Good question! We would have had to take down the massive tree and plus then we couldn't have used the same posts.

Sonya Ann said...

Janie Junebug-And it looks so much better! I'm happy we did it finally. Now it makes the rest of the fencing look like crap.sigh.
We don't use our insurance either but it is because it isn't worth the effort.

Frances said...

I'm sorry you are not happy with your insurance. Does it not cover yearly exams or mammos or anything you should be getting on a regular basis? I LOVE our insurance. Sure, it is not cheap, but I am super happy with the coverage and the service.

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-You are one of the few people that I have ever heard that said that they liked it. You really are an oddity!