Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Polish Death Chair

Well, it was a pretty boring weekend here. The never ending rain is making this summer miserable. And it is making it hard to get any yard work done. But the mosquitoes love it. They are out of control and I'm tasty.
Nope, I'm not Polish but we did go to a Polish fest with my inlaws. I even had vodka and managed to keep myself under control. Last time, Den had to drag me in the house.
As we were leaving Milwaukee, we saw the pedal pub. This looks like a blast but it is $400 to rent it for 2 hours. It seems like a lot of money to get exercise and you still have to pay for your drinks. I want to do it but I think I need to find some healthy people to pedal. I may have to get a bunch of Anna's friends to pedal us.
This was the only thing that I accomplished outside, I spray painted a little chair my MIL gave me and set a basket on it. My MIL said she is cleaning out her house so we don't have to when she dies. Such a morbid thought but hey, I got a cute chair out of it.
This crazy drink is the tower of death. Den saw this somewhere online and decided that this was a must try. The minute I saw it I said, this is a bad idea. He laughed. I sipped the red crap at the top and it was nasty. Den then tried to down it. He forgot how to swallow and inhaled tequila. I thought that he was going to die and I was going to have to start cleaning out his stuff. The only good thing is I got to slap him on the back really hard a few times. That's what he gets for not listening to me.

I finally got some more money to add to the Christmas pot. Not that I like pot, well that sort of pot. Never mind.
I got $21 from Pinecone Research. And I got $21.65 from BP. The BP program has gone bye-bye so I won't be earning any money from them anymore. I was getting 5% back on all BP gas purchases. Now I'm only getting 1% back on my Bank of America card. I have been searching for a new gas card but the rewards all suck.
Anywho, here we are.........................
So we have..............
$66         Pinecone Research
$91.25    BP
For a total of $157.24!!!
Oh, its looking like I'm not even going to come close this year.
Did you do anything fun/dangerous this weekend?
Not dead,
Sonya Ann


Kimberly Hutmacher said...

Your post always make me laugh :) Here in the Midwest we've had tons of rain, too, and we're just lucky to stay on top of all the weeds that keep wanting to overtake our poor garden. And I would never pay $400 for 2 hours of exercise :)

slugmama said...

Now why on EARTH do you think I started riding this exercise bike?!
So I can haul your drunk ass around on a Pedal Pub, that's why!

I propose if you ride a Pedal Pub you get your drinks free....that's only fair, right?

Now did DEN forget how to swallow due to the excitement or due to the tequila? lolz

I've got 43.50 saved for Xmas so far so you are beating me at least....

Sonya Ann said...

Kimberly Hutmacher-We are north of Chicago and its a monsoon. I'm so so over the rain. I can't believe how much water we have gotten. It is only a matter of time before we flood.
It looked like so much fun but a lot of work to get drunk.

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-Yes, you will be in charge of all of the pedaling. I'm going to kick back and watch.
It was the tequila that got him. But it was nice that I got to hit him. DOn't tell him I said that.
I'm a little worried about my xmas money. It needs to multiply like rabbits.

McVal said...

I don't know if you can legally drink and pedal at the same time...

I feel like a heel for not visiting you all for so long! I still don't have a lot of time to get caught up but I will try soon.

$157 isn't that horrible for a Christmas kitty so far! I'm at about -50.

Elephant's Child said...

Christmas? I am firmly in denial (not just a river in Egypt) on that one. Perhaps if I ignore it the season will go away.
Mosquitoes love me too. To the point that my ever loving partner uses me as bait. If I am outside with him I get savaged and he gets left alone.

Frances said...

Your Christmas fund is not growing very much. Maybe you should do like Hubby suggests and "take it to the casino and turn it into some real money." LOL! No, don't do that.

I scoff at your rain. LOL!

Sonya Ann said...

McVal-The only thing that is going to be my saving grace when it comes to Christmas is the fact that I hit the clearance sales right after Christmas this year. I have a lot of it already done.
No worries about getting caught up. We all get busy/need a break.

Sonya Ann said...

Elephant's Child-It just seems to be coming around faster and faster every year. Make it stop, I want off this ride.
Whenever we get a break in the rain and its a bit windy, I run out there to do a few minutes of yardwork. Trust me, this isn't the way that I envisioned the summer.

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-Your hubs might be brilliant or a bit scary, no I'm going with brilliant.