Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Proper Duck

Ahhh, it was another busy weekend. We managed to squeeze in a bit of garage saling but it hasn't been anything spectacular. I got that lovely mug for $.25. I also scored a few more pots to plant in. Yes, I am now collecting planters too. Damn just when I think I get one addiction under control, I find a new one.
And I bought some Shepard's hooks. It was $6 for both. It was a meh deal but you know how I love to plant flowers and then complain about the water bill. But with all of the rain we have been getting, I have only had to water twice so far this season so I won't say anything now. I'm saving it for later.

My tomato plants are struggling this year. At the end of every growing season, I take the rotten tomatoes and throw them on the ground. The next year, I also buy plants in case nothing comes up . The odd thing is, the seeds that I threw down are growing like crazy and almost the same size as the plants we bought. This has never happened before. My purchased tomato plants are about the same size as when I put them in the ground. They aren't happy here, I guess.
The only lettuce that came back is growing in my crack. Why?!?!?!?! I refuse to pull it so DJ runs it over every day. Its one tough plant! Maybe it should have a talk with the tomatoes.
Den thought this monster was celery. Hmmmm, I haven't planted celery in years. It taste like parsley so I'm going with a freak of nature parsley plant.
Our dear English friends were in town and we had them over for dinner Saturday. It was fun and I got to hear them use their proper English. My besties mother was feeling good from the free flowing alcohol and she called someone "a right proper twat." You don't hear proper language often. She never talks like that so I know it was a good party.
My husband, who is like a child, sent this picture to their 15 year old daughter that wasn't at the party. She always eats the center brownie out of the pan and this time Den got it. I'm hoping she will retaliate.
SO what is the best thing for a hangover? Having a pissed off duck wake you up the next morning BEFORE 7 AM! The little bitch eats the seed that the birds knock out of the feeder. I forgot to refill it and their was nothing there for her breakfast. She quacked loudly for 10 minutes. She then took an angry shit in our pool. LOVELY!
Father's day was a pretty boring day. We laid around and ate leftovers. We all have colds so it was nice to do nothing.
And you are caught up.
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

I suspect all that rain you've had has made your mater plants unhappy.
I hope you wrote down some of those colorful proper English put downs to use on me later this year.

Den is so classy isn't he? Classy for a 5 year old it seems.....lolz

Cheapchick said...

I know you aren't English, but that shouldn't stop you from taking up that twat phrase. My two store bought tomato plants ($1.99 each) are monsters now - 2.5 feet high - I have about 50 tomatoes on the way. Never have I had luck with tomatoes until now.

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-Maybe that's it. Maybe it is because I paid good money for them.
Hes like a child. But aren't they all?

Sonya Ann said...

Cheapchick-I'm glad to hear that you are having such good luck with your plants. I'm just hoping that I can get a few tomatoes out of them by the end of the season.

Anne in the kitchen said...

Glad your volunteer tomatoes are doing well. I have managed to plant almost nothing this year, but life and death kinda took precedence over growing stuff. There is always a fall gardening possibility.

If a teed off duck pooed in my pool we would be eating Peking Duck for dinner.

So far this year we have only killed a couple of shrews, chipmunks and found 1 very dead water moccasin in the pool, but we believe a hawk caught it at the nearby lake and accidentally dropped it on a flyover. Geese fly by regularly but have not stopped in for a visit. It may have something to do with the angry black mutt who lives here and patrols the back yard several times a day

Elephant's Child said...

Mmmm. Home grown tomatoes. Last year I was too slack to plant vegies. I did get some volunteer tomatoes in a flower pot on the front veranda though. And they grew better than the expensive plant I had put in.
With luck they will self-seed.

Sonya Ann said...

Anne in the kitchen-The very dead water moccasin would have scared me. We don't have things like that in these parts. We have lightening bugs and mosquito. I would have called the cops, I would have been so scared.
I am so sorry about your father. A few plants don't mean anything compared to the grief. Take care.

Sonya Ann said...

Elephant's Child-Maybe the key is to be a lazy gardener. Just throw everything on the ground and walk off. My neighbors always had this beautiful and massive pot of marigolds in their front yard. They said at the end of every season they just threw the seeds down and it took care of itself the next year. Maybe I should do that with the back fence line. But I have the odd feeling that the trees and vines would overtake the tiny marigolds. ;p

MiserlyMac said...

Sonya Ann, Your house and garden always look so beautiful to me. I get a warm, sweet and homey feeling whenever you share your photos. Thank you! You give me hope that maybe mine could someday be as lovely as yours! Your blogs make me happy and inspired!

Frances said...

"Right proper twat" is my new favorite phrase.

I am concerned about your crack lettuce. Will you be eating it? LOL!

We currently are cultivating mostly mosquitoes in our garden. There are lots of plants, but I think more mosquitoes. Thanks Tropical Storm Bill!

Sonya Ann said...

MiserlyMac-Thank you so much for the comment. I over-think things in my life and miss what I have already done. Good enough will never work for me. But thank you so much for all of the compliments. In fact, feel free to leave as many as you want. Hell, I might even get a big head.

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-It should be our go to phrase.
I will not be eating crack salad but the poor thing is fighting a good fight so I don't have the heart to pull it.
I'm so sick of mosquitoes. But I'm good at growing them too.