Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Twisted Red Luck

This was a super busy and miserably productive weekend. Glad its over and glad that we got so much done.
So what do you think?
And after!!!!!!
Can you tell that I'm proud of our newly painted door? I just love it. DJ was like, "so we are one of those red door kind of people now." I'm not sure what he meant and I was too tired to ask. But I think he was referring to the yuppy types. I didn't care, he wasn't running my newly painted door buzz. And I had heard that painting a door red was lucky/brought in wealth. Not so in my case but I'm hoping that it is a delayed reaction.
Den is the good painter in the house. I am willing to paint but it is best to give me the jobs that no one cares about like....................................
the trim on the back door. Den pulled the deck away so that I could paint and he could stain. Remember that the deck is away from the backdoor, it will come into play later.
You know it is always a fucking problem around here. Since we put in the new fence and paid for it, the rest of the fence looks like crap. Den power-washed the old section. Well, its not in the greatest shape and dust and wood particles got on the neighbor's trailer, garbage cans and grill. He was PISSED. He slung stuff around for hours, complained loudly about us so we could hear and scrubbed everything from top to bottom. We have never been the type of people that are disrespectful of other people's property but it really was just dust and knocking it off with a broom would have worked.  I told Den maybe he should go over and say something. Den said how about I say, asshole. Hmmmmm, I normally the one that gets upset but Den was angry. Den said, I'm going to tell him that we tore down, paid for, helped install, and stained HIS FENCE. And now I'm power washing HIS OLD FENCE and staining it.
Not a great start to our weekend. Luckily, everyone stayed on their side of the yard. But it did seem that we were cursed and the red door wasn't helping us.
We all have colds here. Not terrible ones but runny noses and I'm losing my voice. Den said it was the best weekend of our marriage since I'm wasn't talking much. He thinks he is funny. I laugh at his low IQ.
When my voice is working, I sound like a man. A man with a very, very deep voice. I later asked Den if he wanted me to whisper sweet nothings in his ear and would that do it for him? He looked a bit uncomfortable and scared. The colds are just adding to everyone's misery.
Den power-washed the old playhouse so I could paint the trim. He managed to piss off a bunch of bees and get stung. While trying to get the bee off his arm, he smacked the wand of the power-washer on the ground and snapped it in two. He went in the garage to get the spare off the wall and dropped it on the light fixture that I bought for the bathroom and broke it. You can see how this is playing out.
We found some really cute light fixtures for $5 at a garage sale so Den replaced them. It was another problem. Nothing fit right and he kept dropping things but he managed to get them hung.
I'm so happy with the new fixture. Den also replaced the one on the front of the house. And since the power was shut off he decided to tackle this mess...........................

Its a bit hard to tell but this is the conduit going to the garage. The house/cement has shifted and pulled this apart. And the wires are exposed so when it rains, we lose power to the garage. Safety first.
Den had to get under the house and pound the piping loose to get it so it would reach again. The problem with the pounding part was it snapped the wires. The poor man was at the end of his rope or would it be wire?
He works for a wire company and had not one scrap of wire in the garage to use for the project. He about had a fit in the store when he had to pay $8 for wire and some other pieces that he had at work. 
I thought he was going to start jumping up and down with the way that things were going.
Of course, by the time that we got back the sun was down and he had to fix it before he could turn the power on. He used a flashlight and one of my solar powered lights to see so he could splice it together.

I some how kept managing to find things to paint all weekend. The little play house is better than before.

That lead to the side door on the garage.

Which led to the shed by the pool. All the while, it slightly misted and the mosquitoes made a meal out of me.

Den stained the deck by the pool while I worked on the shed. The mosquitoes didn't find him as tasty as me. 
The only bright spot to the weekend was the grill that Den's mom bought him. Bless her. I think using the grill was the only thing that stopped him from going on a murderous rage.
My luck wasn't that hot this weekend either. So late Sunday, Den wanted to fire up his grill. Remember how he pulled the deck away from the house, well I forgot about that. I stepped out the door with a tray of zucchini seasoned with a ton of italian dressing, wedged both feet between the house and the deck and fell forward. I twisted both ankles as I fell and landed on the zucchini. I'm sure that was a train wreck to watch. Some of the zucchini made it, others not so much. I luckily didn't break my ankles but they are a mess. One is black and blue and the other is very swollen.
DJ overslept for work the next morning.
No one in this house went unscathed this weekend.
Its hard to believe that we accomplished so much with so much working against us. Perhaps I got the red door wrong, maybe it's bad luck.
Was your weekend cursed?
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

All I can think to say is Bless your Heart! and ask whether alcohol played any part in the weekend festivities. ;-)

Your husky sick voice was rather sexy though over the phone.....

Just let everyone bring food this weekend, let Den grill the meats and you sit back with a drink looking pitiful and wait for the sympathy to roll in. Ok, maybe don't wait on the sympathy but still keep a drink in hand.

McVal said...

Oh my goodness!!! You're making ME tired!!! You were so dang productive this weekend.
However I do NOT envy your trip. Yeowch!
When I have a bad cold and sound like a chain smoker, I remember my sister saying that I sounded like the chick from the original Stepford Wives. So I go around saying "Well Kay..." It used to crack her and me up. We're not even sure if Kay was her name...

Cheapchick said...

WTF? I guess on the upside you didn't break both ankles - that plus with July 4th coming up you are totally ok with drinking away your weekend :) Your house/deck/shed/flowers look fantastic by the way. I know it was a pain in the ass but you done good!

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-I'm glad that my voice is doing it for you because I am so burnt out on being sick and sounding like a man.
No alcohol played a part in my throwing my dumb ass down on the ground just stupidity.
I doubt anyone will feel sorry for me and bring me drinks, it will probably be the other way around. Maybe I will just bring myself drinks.

Sonya Ann said...

McVal-Well that is a first!!!!!! You are like three people rolled into one and they all should be dead tired.
I'm just thankful that everything is getting done. Den was a monster this weekend and just kept going from one project to the next. Usually, he's not real interested in trying to finish it all.
That movie was so creepy.

Sonya Ann said...

Cheapchick-It was a busy weekend and I am beyond thankful that I didn't break both ankles. I had a friend who had a friend(I know a bit far off) that fell and broke both her arms. SHe was a grown woman and her mother had to take care of her. SHe couldn't even wipe. That sounds like a horror story to me.
And thank you for thinking we done good. It just seems that we keep coming up with one project after the other. I guess that is just life.

Anne in the kitchen said...

I am so impressed with all you did this weekend. Makes me feel guilty for not accomplishing more (not really).

Glad you did not break your legs. I'm afraid if I had done that, extreme chaos would have followed and I would have somehow managed to break my ankles, have stitches on my face and somehow managed to knock over the grill and ignite the entire backyard including the fence and then the neighbor would really have something to gripe about.

Here's to a better week! (Maybe the luck of the red door takes a few days)

We are: Clamco said...

We've had strings of luck like that. Oh yeah. It got to the point that we thought we had bad spirits hanging around causing trouble, so I bought a sage stick and "smudged" the house. It seemed to work for a while. I really like the red door and all the other painting you did. Everything look nice and fresh, especially that adorable little playhouse. I hope you take some time to relax now. You deserve it.

MiserlyMac said...

The house looks so beautiful, the door is amazing. I love the flowers and the flag too.
I hope you feel better soon and have lots of ice for your sore ankles, you work too hard, you need a day off.

Elephant's Child said...

Hiss and spit. What a vile weekend. Productive, but vile.
Some days everything you touch turns to pus doesn't it?
I always thought it was a red light which brought the money in rather than a door?
I hope this week is much, much better for you all. And that you have plenty of bottled anaesthetic.

Janie Junebug said...

The asshole can take his assholishness and shove it. I had a red door. It was wood and had four glass panes in the top. I loved the red, but Franklin destroyed the door with his claws. It was also cheap enough that it wouldn't have taken any work to kick it in. Now I have a white door that's steel and a security storm door. Franklin can look out the window, but he doesn't get as upset as he did when people came to the door (the window is just to the left of the door). He's no longer the terror of the neighborhood, though he never really was. It was an act. Your house is beautiful.


Jane said...

OMG Sonya Ann!! The fact that you all survived is what I'm focussing on - never mind the rest!! Nasty neighbours, bees, scary wiring - sheesh! Thank goodness for the "after" photos or I'd say hire a handyman for your next project!

Jill said...

I love the makeover a pops of color!! Your efforts were worth it! That little playhouse would make a cute chicken house... just sayin... ;-) Sorry to hear there were injuries and mishaps, but your home really does look great! :-) I have been sick with pneumonia so just getting a chance to post and visit everyone. Have a great day!


Sonya Ann said...

Anne in the kitchen-I really did laugh at your comment. I could see something even wore happening.
And I am paying for all that I did this weekend. I'm sore and my ankles are killing me.

Sonya Ann said...

We are: Clamco-I have often thought about burning sage. I do the light a white candle thing. Den thinks I'm crazy. I also had him pound a metal rod in the ground to try and attract positive energy. It didn't work either.
Thank you for thinking that it looks nice. It seems never ending but that is home ownership. This being responsible thing really isn't all that it is cut out to be.
And I think that my ankles are going to force me to kick back for a while. They are killing me.

Sonya Ann said...

MiserlyMac-Your kind comments always make me happy. Thank you my friend for always stopping by and taking the time to leave such nice comments, you make me smile.

Sonya Ann said...

Elephant's Child-Hiss and spit is my new go to phrase. I SO SO SO SO love it!!! In fact, I don't think I have ever typed it or said it. I will be using it all night. Frances, said her new favorite phrase was right proper twat.
I thought that a red light meant that you were a hooker?

Sonya Ann said...

Janie Junebug-I think that we may need a new storm door too. I really hope that the cats don't tear up this door like Franklin did. They would probably need claws though.And it being steel would probably slow them down a bit.
Thank you for thinking that it looks nice. Whenever I post pictures all I see is what more needs to be done. I may have OCD.

Sonya Ann said...

Jane-And we were both sober. I could see if we were stumbling around making one problem after another for ourselves but no, this all went down without being drunk. Maybe I wouldn't have minded if I had been sloshed.

Sonya Ann said...

Jill-I'm sorry that you are sick too. There should be a law against getting sick in the summer.
Thanks for thinking that the house looks better. This old place will be a work in progress for the rest of our lives. Or maybe we will never be satisfied. Yeah, I bet that is it.
I'm thinking that the neighbor would have a fit over the chickens. If he was mad over dust, I can't imagine what he would do over chickens.

Elephant's Child said...

Hiss and spit has been one of my mantras for a looooong time. Along with another, less polite one.
You were right about the red light - and there has been money in that for even longer than I have been saying hiss and spit.

We are: Clamco said...

In your response to my comment you wrote "This being responsible thing really isn't all that it is cut out to be." Which made me think of this....


It's weird but you might like it.