Monday, June 15, 2015


Maybe I'm not reorganizing so much as rehiding my junk. No, get that negative thought out of your head Sonya.
I love garage saling. It's like a cheap treasure hunt. Den and I joke that we will find the golden goose eventually and be able to retire from our find. There has to be someone that is selling a goose at their garage sale, right?
How do I get so far off topic?
I got this ugly and old magazine box for a massive $.10. And don't forget that that lovely suitcase holds all of my craft crap and I only paid a $1 for it.

TRACE, CUT, PASTE and you have a covered $.10 magazine box. I was just going for "good enough" with this project.

Don't judge my messy stash. Hey, I don't see you posting pictures of your messy closets!

Now I have something new to help hold all of my drugs. After going through the pile of OTC pills, we have allergy and aging problems in this house.
Its a bit better. Looks like I will be collecting magazine boxes now too. I can store them with the bottles, jars and hangers that I'm holding on too. WAIT, I can store my collections of crap in the magazine boxes. See its reorganizing and not rehiding.
And just to prove that I get lots of things done in a day, I found this little gem and sent it to Den. I may look for a rubber suit for him at a garage sale.
Longing for used rubber,
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

You said junk....hehehe

Treaders said...

Ha, ha, I love Batman in his rubber suit! That's just great. I remember putting on a wet suit when we went rafting years ago and they are definitely not flattering. I wouldn't have dared let rip cos I'm sure mine would have exploded. However, given the number of times I fell in the river I'm sure that (a) I would DEFINITELY have stayed very warm and (b) never sunk, so I guess there are some pros to letting rip in a rubber suit.

And yes you are brave showing your junk. I don't think I could find my camera at the moment if I tried. I just (today) got a new floor laid in my junk room but even though I paid to have it done I was up and down like a bride's nightie all bloody morning. Then off to my ex house (which he just up sticks and abandoned to move back to the States) and hauling stuff off to the tip etc. And now of course since my lovey new floor doesn't match the walls I bought paint to re-do the walls before the furniture gets moved back in. I tell, you, NEVER EVER wipe down a spot on the wall when you move a picture. You'll end up redecorating the whole house.

Anyway, at least now I'm in bed and probably gonna pass out in the blink of an eye. And then back to work tomorrow. Some day off eh. Cheers. Anna

Elephant's Child said...

I try very, very hard to keep my partner away from garage sales. Another of my all too often epic fails.
Used rubber suits? I don't think there is enough hot water and disinfectant in the world to get stale farts out of them. And I am pretty certain that those of super powers also have super farts.

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-You need help.

Sonya Ann said...

Treaders-I have never had nor worn a rubber suit. Everyone can thank me for that. So I haven't spent much time thinking about farting in on until I saw that pic.
Bahahaha, you are so funny. Never heard about a bride's nightie. You are awesome and just as bad as I am.
And we must be the same person, it is completely like me to change one little thing and then all of a sudden, I'm tearing out a wall or a tree is coming down. Yes, I understand how wiping a wall can lead to a massive project. You poor, poor thing.
I hope your ex is giving you something besides work for all that you are doing for him. I'm telling you, sell his shit. He probably isn't coming back so he won't know and then tell him when he finally does ask about it that you lost it in a flood or something.

Sonya Ann said...

Elephant's Child-Never thought about super power farts or is it super farts? Either way, Den is winning in that category.

Frances said...

SonyaAnn, as long as you can find your junk when you need it, you can organize it any way you want.

Still love the suitcase storage!

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-I am so in love with that suitcase. It was the best find ever!!!!

Donna Freedman said...

Last weekend I went to a community-wide garage sale with a couple of friends. Went a little nuts at the "fill a bag with books for $2" table, but I am now set for reading material for quite a while -- and also for a whole lotta birthday and Christmas gifts once I'm through reading.
Also found a "ZOMBIES JUST WANT HUGS" hoodie: Looked brand-new and will be a great birthday gift for my undead-obsessed nephew.

Sonya Ann said...

Donna Freedman-I'M SO JEALOUS!!!!!! All it does is rain here so the garage sales aren't up and running yet. I'm missing out on so much.
You did great with your finds. I love hearing about things that everyone finds. It makes my day. Well it makes my day with a smidge of jealousy. At least I'm honest about it.