Thursday, July 9, 2015

A Tip From Misery

Remember this little mess from before? Well something good came out of it! Besides the trying to rewire it in the dark and me trying to snap my ankles, I learned something that will make home repair projects go a bit fast when you are going for supplies. Snap a quick picture before you leave so on the off chance that you need to explain what you are doing to a sales associate, they will get what is going on instead of using hand gestures and your limited handy-man vocabulary. Limited vocab is my specialty!!!!

I am happy to say that this project is finished. And I'm completely sure that I will find more projects for us to do.
So what is on your to do list?
Laying pipe,
Sonya Ann


Jane said...

Wow - it looks so nice and shiny now! I started taking photos too - the guy at the hardware store never knows what a "thingamajiggy" is! I have no idea how he got his job!!

Elephant's Child said...

Sigh. I really, really resent the manspeak code they use.
I am pretending (not well) that NOTHING needs attention this weekend. Wish me luck. I don't lie well.

Frances said...

That is a great idea. And so easy now that most everyone has a smartphone or tablet with them most of the time.

Sonya Ann said...

Jane-It was just this one was hard to describe. I knew it as I was looking at it. You know a pipe in cement that separated with some wires in it, sort of explanation. The pic was easier.

Sonya Ann said...

Elephant's Child-Those are the best weekends! Do nothing!!!

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-I couldn't come up with a way to explain it before we left.