Thursday, August 13, 2015

Growing Solar Lights

I figure I'll give you a yard update today. Look, I'm tired and I just don't have the energy to entertain you. Haha, that was what I used to say to the kids when they were little.
Anywho, this is our little bunny that now lives in the yard. I think that he is liking the lizard. I did try to get a better picture but for some reason he runs off, I'll have to work on that with him.
Den was so excited the beginning of the year to add this trellis for our morning glories.
I lovingly planted the seeds in baskets and pots since last year nothing came up and....................I got one small plant growing. Yup, all that trellis for nothing.
Some seeds that I planted last year, moved themselves into a corner and grew better than the pots. The vines completely ignored the trellis. WHY?????
The tomatoes plants are doing well. We haven't gotten a tomato yet but at least, they are growing.
The dill, on the other hand, loves me. Wouldn't it be great if I could eat some of the dill on say a tomato?
I haven't had much luck with my little ladder. The plants keep dying. I think it is because they are getting quite a bit of pool water.
I've been throwing the marigold seeds in the empty spots. Maybe I will get some plants before it frosts.
We took a basket for stairs and planted in it. It is the best basket out of the bunch. It is also growing an American flag, that's talent.
The front yard and the middle yard get a lot of my attention and I'm pleased with the way that it looks but the back yard by the pool has always been a problem area until this year. I decided to throw whatever leftover pots and anything that I could scrounge around the area just to help change how I felt about it. It's helping.
I took a couple of the old pots that I didn't use anymore and set them out. They had plants in them that were scrawny but green. And when I broke a solar light post, I threw the solar light in the bare spots of the pots. Actually, it helped. Well, it looks good at night, not so much during the day.
My first marigold is flowering from one of the pots that I threw seeds in.
And when all else fails, and nothing is thriving in a pot, hide it with a fake flower and shove it under a bush. Perhaps with a bit of sunlight it would do better.
And that's all that I got for ya! How's your yard doing? Are you hiding anything under a bush and behind a fake flower?
Sonya Ann


Anne in the kitchen said...

I love the flowers by your pool. Even if they keep dying the effect is really lovely, so keep replanting them as they wither? The rest of your yard looks really nice also, tons better than mine does this year.

I like odd pots with different flowers and plants. Potted things are growing better in my yard this year than anything else, but then I have pretty much ignored the rest of the yard this summer except to keep it mowed and edged.

We adopted the Marigold Solution this year and have planted every empty pot with leftover marigold seed, So far the results have been mediocre. I suppose actually tending to them might help. Meanwhile my rosemary is taking over Alabama and on its way to becoming a tree? Tomatoes, none but I have some seriously fat chipmunks. Until I saw it I never realized they were such excellent tomato stalk climbers.

Sigh, there is always next year.

slugmama said...

Since dill seems to adore you and your yard you need to give up on maters and plant cukes!
Then at least you could make pickles.......You know what they say, "when life hands you cukes and dill, make pickles!"
Well if they don't say that, they should....

I don't even want to TALK about my yard. ugh.

Sonya Ann said...

Anne in the kitchen-It just doesn't seem fair that you aren't all that jazzed about hot weather and I love it. You should move here. Its never hot. Why we have a pool is so beyond me? Oh wait, it was here when we moved in.
I think that it has just been too hot by you to keep up with the yard. Honestly, if it was that how here, I don't know that I would be willing to spend the money on water to keep everything alive. I would probably just paint rocks or something.
My neighbor's pots look pretty good and he didn't spend a penny. Mind you, he has all orange marigolds but hey, free is free. I think that I am going to give him some of the seeds from the yellow ones that I have.
I wonder if I leave the pots out this year through the winter if they will just start to grow on their own when Spring hits. Hmmmm, something new to ponder.
We have tons of chipmunks but they are none to interested in my tomatoes. That says something about how unappealing my tomatoes are if rodents won't eat them.

Sonya Ann said...

sluggy-We just need to find a way to eat nothing but dill. I could save so much money on food.
It is just such a shamed that it isn't hot enough to enjoy the yard here.

Elephant's Child said...

I suspect the dill diet would be successful. Boring but effective. You would become a green shadow of yourself.
I pour blood, sweat and tears into the garden. And money. Himself 'forbade' me to spend any more money on the garden a fortnight ago. And last week I came home to find that 15!!!! roses he had ordered had arrived. Do as I say, not as I do obviously.

Jill said...

Looking good :-) Still battling the weeds in our garden... never ending but at least the chickens enjoy eating them so now Kathleen loves pulling them and running over to give it to them, lol. Have a great night.


Jane said...

My thumbs are so (NOT) green that I have a rock garden instead of plants - hey I can't kill rocks!

Sonya Ann said...

Elephant's Child-I think that I would have to "eat" a lot of antacids if I went on that diet.
Why do we so love and hate our yards? If only we could get it just right, the task would be done.

Sonya Ann said...

Jill-You may have to send your weed puller here. Oh and send her with eggs too. I promise to spoil her.

Sonya Ann said...

Jane-You really might be the smartest of us all. There would be no over watering them either!!!