Thursday, September 10, 2015

Nut Case

I now know that I like making myself crazy. I could never have a "real" job because they would figure out quickly that having someone that wasn't stable in the office wasn't good for the business.
Anywho, remember when I lost my mind and bought a car then gave one away, well I am now slowly going crazy over this choice.
I want to start this decent into madness by saying that in no way are we poor. We have lived the frugal life for so long that we have no other debt but the damned car and the house. We also max out Den's 401k. On paper, we are doing great. But since I am so tight, the household budget hasn't seen a boost in money in probably 10 years. How crazy is that!?!?!? Every time Den gets a raise, we "put it somewhere." And then we forget it. The problem is that all the bills have gone up. Duh Sonya! So that is why I struggle. I refuse to give us a bit more cash to live on. Someday I will be thankful for the scraping by or I will be dead. I'm not sure yet.
We have the house payment which we pay bi-weekly and pay more on. We have gas and electric which I fight dearly to keep down. We have the car insurance, water, cell phones(which are almost paid off and will go down by $80ish a month) and our only splurge is $30 a month gym membership. Plus food and gas. You would think that getting a hybrid would cut our gas in half but we have been enjoying the scenery as of late. Our health and dental insurance is taken out of Den's check before he gets his check. We still pay for the kids cell phones and car insurance. Since we changed carriers, our cell bill is $100 a month less so I see it as a win and why not cover the kids since the bill is lower than before. Anna priced out car insurance and it was just too expensive for her plus since we changed insurance companies, the bill went down quite a bit. Yay Geico!!! So if I can cover the kids and the bill is half of what it was before I have no problem paying it for them. Save money and look like a nice guy-hell ya I'm there.
I guess the only thing for me to do is stop "putting money in an account", refinance and roll the car debt into the house and maybe take out extra to get windows, or continue to scrape by. The only real place that I can find extra money is the allotted grocery money and I have a hard time keeping it at $100 as it is.  This madness is all my fault and I'm so very grateful that I have options. And the reason we have options is because we have worked so hard for so many years. But my question is, what would you do? This isn't a crisis but.........................................
And just to add to my madness, I need to close the pool, pack up everything from the deck and the surrounding area, I am trying to dejunk Anna's closet so that I can start on DJ's room and I am finding it very hard to get rid of her treasures. I really have whittled it down to the adorable things and I don't want to get rid of them. So this is making me a little nuts. Plus I need to start working on Christmas whether its buying or finding cash. And then I submitted my book Stratagem(which I got the rights back from Amazon) to my old publisher and they accepted it. So I need to work on the madness that goes along with that. I kid you not the last time I submitted a book just one question that I to answer had 27 parts! Also I might need to make dinner. Oh and we are going to Vegas with my inlaws the end of the month and I really don't have enough cash for that. UGH! I do this to myself.
Any ideas on how to help me not be crazy?
Slipping into madness,
Sonya Ann


Treaders said...

No ideas on how to help you not be crazy but then why would you want to change. I understand about sticking to a budget and "acting like you had to" - it really is smart on your part. There really is only so much you need anyway and everything else on top of that is just a plus. As long as your hubbie is ok with that why worry. You really are very smart. When the bloody ex left and our finances were separated even though I now have a mortgage again I was so much better off because I cut everything back to the bone, especially on the things that didn't matter. I mean he had actually set up a contract with the phone company for over 200 dollars a month for unlimited calls to the US and he only ever called them about once every 2 months. That on top of 100 dollars a month for access to the French satellite channel "in case there were some good concerts on" - we never watched French TV. But it is true what they say, cut in all the right places and you become "rich" enough to have choices. I just this month took my youngest son out of my wonderful Swiss medical insurance because he is now covered totally though working in France, so I am socking the extra 300 dollars a month on to my mortgage. Also, I was watching an old re-run of Ferris Bueller's Day Out and decided to buy my kids each copies of the funniest DVDs I could think of for Christmas. (The Gods Must Be Crazy has to be top of that list). You know, when you are not stupid with money it becomes easier to find it for the fun things - and I have no doubt you will continue to do so. So now I am back to lying here in the sun in my back garden, glass of wine in hand and staring at the mountains - good book and all - what more could you ask for. It is a holiday here in Geneva so I have a 4 day weekend. Bliss on a stick. Cheers. Anna

Sonya Ann said...

Treaders-I think just writing this made me feel better. Thus proving my insanity. How do I really think that we can continue to pay for everything on such a tight budget? I sort of set myself up to fail. We are near Chicago and it is an expensive area so things are going to continue to go up. I'll hold on for as long as I can but 10 years at the same money is something that I need to realize should be in the win column.
Your ex was a piece of work. I just don't understand how anyone would think that spending that kind of money is a good idea. Unless you are super rich there is no need to spend like that. I'm sure that you are so much better off alone.
Enjoy your long weekend and have a drink for me!!

Cheapchick said...

Well, shouldn't Anna be paying her own bills now? I know you are trying to be nice and understand DJ as he is still going to school but maybe by covering hers you are causing yourself much grief. Are your insurance deductibles 1000 for collision and for your house insurance? If not you could save even more money that way. Just a thought:) We all go crazy with the same thing. I have to spend $1000 on a crown today on a tooth that I could care less about. Crap on a cracker, I can think of a million ways I would rather spend that money.

Sonya Ann said...

Cheapchick-I know that she should be kicking in, its just that I got that bill so much lower that I figured I might as well pass on the savings. LOL
That sucks about the $1000! Who needs teeth anyways? We don't use them to drink!

Out My window said...

Sonya, you have done the same this Hub's and I have. Every raise gets sucked up into savings, I know I will be grateful when he retires, but everything has doubled and it is hard. You either have to get a part time job, I always liked to clean offices late at night. It brought in good money and I did not have to deal with people. I could be as picky as I wanted. I also beleive we need to help your children achieve status quote in life, so don't listen to the grumps that want you to kick your kids to the curb when they are 18. Very few survive that way.

Donna Freedman said...

You are a frugal domestic goddess! And I'm glad you've been "enjoying the scenery" more often and even taking a few trips. You work hard to manage that money and you should reap some of the benefits.

And I just spent about $2,100 on my teeth. Sigh. No machine runs for 57 years without some maintenance issues, I guess.

Elephant's Child said...

You have a book? Tell me more. Awe and wonder.
And I am guilty of similar things here. We are comfortable. We even have a little money left over. Because I am a tight wad. I have been dirt poor (you know, the saving up for shampoo type poor) and I don't ever want to go there again.
Hooray for your road trips. And cutting yourself some slack.

SAM said...

Yes, it is about choices,and not spending money to just spend money. Just think if governments started with the "musts" then added on in order of priority, there probably would be more than enough money for everyone's basic human needs instead of programs that are supposed to help people in poverty, children, and the elderly fighting for scraps. (sorry-my socially conscious bent comes out. We too cover the cell phones-heck, we would literally save $20 a month if the two older ones weren't on our plan, but each of them would be out $50-$60 a month. I still like to think we are a full family, and sometimes it just makes senses to continue a fee. When they are both more financially stable, I plan to be hosted and wined and dined. Of course by then, wining and dining might be decalf coffee and apple sauce.

Sonya Ann said...

Out My window-It's a crazy system that we follow or a brilliant one. We are comfortable but I do hate to part with money. Years of being broke made me that way! Everything is so so expensive here too. I try to only shop the loss leaders and such but sometimes you just have to buy groceries. What has this world come to! ;p

Sonya Ann said...

Donna Freedman-My question is even when you have money, do you feel safe? I'm not sure I would.
You are right no machine runs 57 years without a little maintenance. I like to sink my repair money into glasses. Hundreds and hundreds a year. Blind as a bat, I've heard my whole life.

Sonya Ann said...

Elephant's Child-It will be out soon and I'll give you all the details.
It seems there are way more of us "brokies" then there are people with money. Why does it have to be so hard!!!!
I'll dig up some more cash somewhere or drink and forget about it. LOL

Sonya Ann said...

SAM-Its the same for the kids, if they pick up their own policies it would be 2 to 3 times what we pay. And since I got both bills cut in half I just see it as us saving money. And it does seem that there is so much money being wasted by the government. It doesn't make sense that so much goes to them. It was funny Anna was griping about how much they take out of her taxes. I just laugh and laugh.

Frances said...

I have been feeling like you, lately, SonyaAnn. We have put out so much money this year and the money coming in has just not grown the way I would like it to. I could find a higher paying job, but I like my job...well some days. I would like to just stay there comfortably until I can retire. I used to be much more ambitious, but I outgrew that. LOL!

Paying for my eyes, Hubby's dental work and part of my mom's funeral just put a dent in our savings. That's what I saved it for, but I sure liked seeing it just sit in the bank.

We try to live frugally so we can live comfortably longer.

Sonya Ann said...

Frances-I am sorry that you are feeling money blues and having to deal with the grief over your mother.
LOL though on outgrowing your ambition. I did get a snicker out of that. I too, feel that way.
Sometimes I just throw my hands in the air because it is just going out faster than it is coming in. UGH. So is life. All we can do is fight the frugal fight. Skimp where we can and then spend when we have too.