Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Crazy, Frazzled And Back

Did you ever look around and think what in the bloody hell happened? Well, I do that a lot any more. I hate having my picture taken and bless sluggy, she backed off a bit. Please ignore my double chin and lumpy looking forehead.
Where to start? Where to start?
Sluggy and Mr. Sluggy came in for a visit on the 16th. Yeah, I'm really behind but boy do I have a story for you. Well, I have a partial story-they can drink. I'm not saying its a bad thing but we hit it hard a few days and there are a few moments that may have slipped by.
The above picture was of a drumming circle. Mr. Slugster is a drummer. So Sluggy and I figured we would watch him rock out. His cock was not out.
Anyways, the woman in charge wouldn't let us sit out and listen. So poor Mr. sluggy's drum circle got crashed by the two of us. See it was fine for Sluggy because she has a musical background. I can't even walk in rhythm.  But I learned that I can rock the fuck out of a maraca. Poor, poor people. Maybe next time I won't go sober.
As you can see, sluggy was her same mature self. We had a blast Goodwilling and eating out. The problem was Den. He did not like that he wasn't the center of attention or something and..................

decide to try and kill himself.
Den had gone to the dentist on Friday and by Monday he was terribly sick. He said he had a sore throat and an earache. He went to the CVS clinic and the woman said "I can't help you" and sent him to the ER. So sluggy, my MIL and I cut our trip to Goodwill short and I ran to the ER. I dumped sluggy off on my MIL.
Den and I sat there for hours. Come to find out he had an abscess in the back of his throat that was closing his throat. He wasn't a happy camper when they tried to drain it.
We got out just in time for all of the pharmacies to close. Mr. sluggy was quite chivalrous and accompanied me to a terrible neighborhood to retrieve Den's drugs. I locked him in the van and told him if the shooting starts to duck and run. Zigzag people, zigzag.
So we spent over $500 because he went to the dentist. Abscesses caused by the dentist are relatively common. We are blessed with the uncommon crap happening.
The next couple of days were spent arguing with doctors and the insurance company trying to get everything sorted. I'm just so glad that I followed my gut and didn't listen to the ER dr about her referral. I knew it was out of network. I guess she was worried about his life or something, I was worried about the checkbook.
Sluggy and Mr headed out on Thursday and then I cleaned and did laundry and prepped to leave the next day. DJ was on the Dean's list so we wanted to go to the little honor ceremony. 
My inlaws were so proud. DJ is a good kid just don't tell him I said that.
I tried to get a picture of the three Dennis' and my husband was his normal mature self. Sigh.
I'm trying to get back in the normal swing of things. I think even Den was happy to be going back to work. That says how nuts it was.
I promise to come and visit everyone, I missed you. Now all I have to do is sort some 400+ emails before I get anything else done.
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

You mean to tell me I was at your house last week?!?
No....I don't recall that......

Kimberly Hutmacher said...

Looks like you guys had a great time! Welcome back :)

Cheapchick said...

Once again, omfg trouble just follows you and your family. Perhaps you have a poltergeist?(I was watching scary crap on tv last night...) Glad Den is safe and sound now. Time to recharge your liver with some clean living after Sluggy's departure :) Or not

Rachel said...

LOL I love reading about your adventures! Sorry your hubby had the health scare...

Elephant's Child said...

Doctors and dentists frequently do more harm than good. I am glad that Den survived the dentist's tender care.
I can remember reading that in Ancient China you ONLY paid the doctor if you remained well. Which makes sense to me. And it would keep the fuckers on their toes too. Can you tell I am bitter? Hell yes.

Practical Parsimony said...

Most days, I would owe nothing. Bitter here, too.

Sonya Ann,
That was a hilarious post

Janie Junebug said...

Poor Den. You are quite the wild woman.


Anne in the kitchen said...

I think you need to end each blog with the catch phrase "Hilarity ensued". You have some unusual happenings in your life, but I am very glad you share them.

Nice that you and Sluggy got to visit. I am waiting for anyone happening through central Alabama. I have a freezer full of food, something to drink and a messy house.

We are: Clamco said...

Abscesses caused by dentists are common? Yikes, I never knew that. Sounds serious and scary. Congrats to DJ for making Dean's list. He looks like a nice young man. Sounds like you had a lot of fun with Mr and Mrs Sluggy. But of course! :-)

Jane said...

I've never heard of abscesses caused by dentists...is that for REAL? That's really scary and wicked!! I'm thinking this post could qualify for Wicked Wednesday!! ...I don't think you need to go looking on the internet for no "wicked" shit! I hope nothing comes back to haunt you from those "forgotten" moments :) I mean, what's the worst that could have happened with you and Sluggy slightly toasted? Yikes! Run and duck!

Jenny Woolf said...

Well, I got a swollen gum caused by a bridge. I might have to go to the dentist tomorrow. So I have some fellow feeling for Den although I hope to God I never need to feel THAT close to that particular experience. Glad he is feeling better and all ended well.

It must be nerveracking keeping a pharmacy in a terrible neighbourhood. .

Donna Freedman said...

Sounds horrible. I hope Den is feeling better.

Frances said...

Poor Den! I never heard of an abscess caused by a dentist. Learn something new every day.

Glad you and the Sluggies had so much fun.