Saturday, November 21, 2015

Blogger Spotlight!!!

Since we are getting closer to the BIG holiday, I thought that I would spotlight one of the sites that I use to get a bargain or two. Hip2Save is an awesome site and it really helps just to poke around and get ideas for my nephews. I'm kind of out of the toy loop. Getting older has its rewards.
So how are you doing with your holiday shopping? Halfway done? All the way? Me, not even close!!!!
Sonya Ann


SAM said...

Not even started-well a few things tucked away over year. I have some younger kids to shop for-thanks for resource.

MiserlyMac said...

Thanks for the link to the site, it's a good one, lots of bargains. I am done with my 3 guys but still have my youngest, Grandma and fil to buy for. My baby's birthday is Wednesday so I have been more focused on getting birthday presents for her.
If it wasn't for survey rewards I would have nothing right now!

Elephant's Child said...

Holiday shopping? Sigh. Not really begun yet.
I HAVE (finally) put the fruit for the first batch of fruit cakes in to soak in rum and brandy.

Practical Parsimony said...

I have gifts for the grandchildren but may take them back because I found something better.

Rachel said...

I have gotten some things bought...but not where I wanted to be by now. Oh well. It will get done before Christmas. Can't really buy for Rebecca until I see what she gets for her birthday this next weekend.