Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Boring Candy Canes

How sad is this? We ended up pulling the last of the flowers on Friday before we got hit with snow. We pulled perfectly healthy and beautiful plants so that we could put the pots in the shed. So from flowers to....................
A hell made of white crap. The good news is our dead/dying tree looks like a normal tree in the winter.
I guess that I should be thankful that we have gone this long without snow or bitter cold. I would be even more thankful if we went the entire season without snow but I guess it would be easier just to move somewhere warm.
 I decided to make some soup on Saturday. I mean that is what you do when its snowing, right? 24 hours later, the veg were still hard. I guess you can't ask a crockpot to work for more than 2 decades. I will be asking Santa for a new crockpot for Christmas. But I have to say that it is easier to throw out the crockpot than it is to try and scrape it clean.
This weekend was boring even by my standards. I ran to Jewel on Sunday to get a free pizza that was loaded to my MyMixx card and I found this little gem. I think that I will be buying gift cards from them for Christmas. Before it was a Catalina for $20 off $20 worth of groceries, when you bought $100 worth of gift cards. Now it is $15 off of $25 when you buy $125 worth of cards. Still its something. The only problem is you have 7 days to spend it.
Just an FYI, DO NOT GOOGLE naughty Santa pictures. Some poor candy canes were not being used as intended. Ugh, I'm scarred.
I got $20 in Amazon gift codes from My Points and $255.92 from our Bank of America card. Maybe it will all come together at the end? Right, right?
On a positive note, I think that I found another credit card that will pay 3% on gas. So its not as great as the 5% that I was getting but it is still better than the 1% that I am getting now. Ahh, something else to add to the to do list.
$23.85    SavingStar cash deposit
$21.65    SavingStar Amazon gift code
$10         Swagbucks- Amazon gift code
$129        Pinecone Research
$91.25    BP
$10         Beer rebate
$24         Wine rebate
$25          MyPoints gift card-Macy's
$10          MyPoints gift card Panera
$20          MyPoints gift codes Amazon
$255.92   Points from Bank of America
For a total of $620.67
I'll get there!
Still thinking about candy canes,
Sonya Ann


We are: Clamco said...

A hell made of white crap. lol

Practical Parsimony said...

You have done well with the accumulated totals. Yeah..a hell made of white crap...that is hilarious.

Cheapchick said...

Your total is not bad at all! And I certainly won't be googling naughty Santa :) Black Friday online sale for a new crock pot?? Just saying, they tend to sell cheaply around the holidays.

slugmama said...

Lots of BF(and before BF)sales on crock pots. I picked one up last holiday season online at Kohl's, after rebate it was something like $5?
Just buy one and have Den wrap it up and give it to you for Xmas. lolz

Enjoy your white crap and please keep it far from here!!!

Elephant's Child said...

I am jealous of your white crap. We are moving into the sweaty season fast. Too fast.
I am also grateful to have a good reason for never liking candy canes.

McVal said...

and I've got the white crap too...

Jane said...

The white crap is everywhere and it's too damned early! When you said "I found this little gem" I thought you were talking about the wicked minx riding Santa!! Whoa, I say Whoa - we need to put a stop to that!

Treaders said...

Snap. We went from (totally weird) shorts and T-shirt weather to 5 inches of snow, and more on the way. While that's great for the ski resorts it pretty much stinks for driving in to work. Well I more or less just take off the handbrake and slither into town. Don't mind the snow, just hate shovelling it and driving on it. Anna

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