Friday, November 6, 2015

Fabulous Friday

This little gem is from My Baking Addiction!!!! How much fun would this be?!?!?! It would also make a great project for the little ones to make and give out at Christmas. Maybe I will just give out leaves for Christmas. I'm sure that would be a gift that everyone would love.
Crafty and Cheap,
Sonya Ann
PS-Run over to sluggy's and enter her giveaway but make sure you tell her that I should win. Yes, do that please. 


SAM said...

Have you seen the art on leaves? Actual paintings on leaves-whole scenes. My daughter tried with her students-not quite as artistic as the ones I saw posted, but pretty cool.

Practical Parsimony said...

Cool craft! Yep, giving out leaves would be easier. And, I have always wanted a leaf.

Elephant's Child said...

She is obviously not a drinker. Or a reader.
I would so be giving out the leaves rather than spending hours on this. Despite admiring the finished result.
Yours, NOT crafty.

Frances said...

I think that leaf art is really pretty. I would put them on the wall....if we had room.