Monday, November 30, 2015

Oily Teeth

I love coconut oil. It is my go to drug. Hey, its easier to get your hands on than say codeine.
Anywho, I went to the dentist and she was asking me what I did to take care of my teeth. I have never had that happen before. I told her that I hold hydrogen peroxide in my mouth for about 5 minutes once a week and that I do coconut oil pulling about twice a week. "Oil Pulling" is when you power swoosh coconut oil in your mouth for 20ish minutes. It is so good for you. Really is there anything that coconut oil can't do?  So who wants to lose weight and eat it with me? I bet that would lead to power pooping.
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

Power Pooping!
Did you get me a Squatty Potty for Christmas?? lolz

SAM said...

I never knew any of that. What a wealth of knowledge you are. I like the idea of losing belly fat doing nothing more.

rivulet said...

I've seen a lot about the oil pulling but hadn't known anyone who does it. 20 minutes seems like forever though. So the dentist was impressed then? I might actually start doing it, Oily teeth here I come!

Sluggy, my husband is insisting that we get his sister a Squatty Potty for Christmas! Haha!