Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Bite Me Thanksgiving

I'm a bad blogger. I didn't get a lot of pictures of all the festivities. I'm sure that it was pretty much the same at your house, lots of food and cleaning up.
The boys can never get enough time with DJ. I'm sure DJ feels as if he needs a little down time. Everyone keeps telling him that spending time with them is the ultimate birth control.

And just to remind everyone Den is a child. He had me take this pick and send it to his dad. He comes from a long line of children.
Dalten and both of his parents also came to our house on Thanksgiving. DJ said that playing chess with Dalten was like playing both sides and letting someone else move the pieces. I bet the DJ was happy to get back to college. And I lucked out this time, DJ got a ride to our house and then my inlaws brought him and his roommate back on Sunday. Hey, they offered. I think they wanted to use all of their free play at the casinos.
We made our normal Thanksgiving day crafts after we ate. Den got involved this year and decided that we should make ugly sweaters for our husbands. Not that the men make crafts, they watch football.
My MIL went the extra mile this year.

The "apron" had a little flap in it.

She forgot nothing! I think that we will call her the winner.

This is the shirt that my SIL made. She had plenty of time to work on her shirt since I spent the entire time watching her children. The boys spent their time emptying my closets, climbing in and stomping the doors. Needless to say, I had to have a talk with Den about him helping and not watching the game. The only good thing about it was the fact that her son rubbed red puff paint in my carpet. Den cleaned it up as she watched.Didn't even offer to wipe it up! Since the puff paint was his damned idea, he got to scrub it up. Can you tell we had a fight? Normally, my friends don't say anything but they were pulling Den aside to complain to him about his sister.
This is the shirt that Dalten's mom made. I almost said that to certain people.

And the shirt that my neighbor made.
Honestly, the rest of the weekend was spent getting our house back in order and cleaning carpets and fixing closets. I didn't shop on Black Friday. Yay me. The only thing that I did was go to Jewel and buy some gift cards on Saturday. I am so so boring.
Please tell me that you had an exciting weekend? Please tell me you didn't have to cook, clean, host Thanksgiving and babysit?
Calming down,
Sonya Ann


Treaders said...

Oh my goodness, I just love those tacky t-shirts! What fun. I have to say Den is looking a little "limp" though - endowed but limp. You guys really have the same lavatorial sense of humour as I do. Just love it. And well done you for hosting so many people. I couldn't do it - or at least not with good grace. Cheers. Anna

Cheapchick said...

I love the t-shirts, especially the fuzzy balls. I will never look at a turkey neck the same way. Hmm, perhaps your nephews need little shock collars next Thanksgiving (just kidding!)

MiserlyMac said...

The t shirts are so cool! I also had to cook, clean and host Thanksgiving minus making
crafts. We played poker after dinner and watched football later.

slugmama said...

"Words fail me", she said as she handed SA another drink.....

Jane said...

No, didn't have to do any of those things thankfully as our Thanksgiving came and went in early October. And here I thought you were the only raunchy one in the family - boy was I wrong!!

Rachel said...

The shirts are hilarious. Sorry you had to deal with the kids and non-responsible parents. I have one of those in my family as well...Maybe that was the reason my dad and I drank the entire bottle of Bailey's after my brother left with his wife and kids. :)

SAM said...

I think every family has one. Funny shirts-oh the minds at work.

Elephant's Child said...

Love the shirts. Your SIL should host next year. And you can bring the puff paint. Lots of it.

Practical Parsimony said...

-Honestly, I thought, "An elephant in his pants? Why? How?"

I had a Christmas party one year, replete with newly upholstered antique furniture and newly painted walls. One couple brought their three-year-old and a bag of cheese puffs. Neither parent paid any attention as she ate, got cheesy, and wiped her hands on the sofa. I got her a cloth napkin and showed her how to wipe her hands on it. Later, I found the napkin thrown in a corner. I spent a lot of time trying to get yellow cheese off door facings, walls, and upholstery. I never invited them back again.