Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Car Christmas

This is the only calm/sane picture that I have for you. One of the women in Den's department sent this for us. Just like everyone else, Christmas is the craziest time of year.
I'll start with Christmas eve eve. Anna rolled in Wednesday without Scott. She dropped him off with his family. Well, let me rephrase that-she barely rolled in. The check engine light was on, a brake bulb is out- light was on, there is another brake light that came on and a terrible mess of things. Den was working and told us to take it to get an oil change and have them look at it. There was mistake one! We took it in and the fuckers said that it desperately needed a brake job. I said no thank you just change the oil. Den called in the middle of that mess and said that they could flush the coolant and change the air filter. $171 later at the oil change place and a fight with Anna(I'll sum it up, she got upset cuz she knows nothing about cars, I sent her to tell them what her dad told them to do, she acted like she was going to cry and I barked at her cuz it was my credit card out. Ahhhhhhh, a refresher course in Anna. She paid for the brakes and rotors.), we left to pick up brake pads and rotors to the tune of $100. Den got off work early and tore into her car. After it was all apart, he realized that the brakes didn't need to be done AT ALL!
So we did all of that right before the Mott family headed over.
Our Eve eve party is just a pizza dinner since my sister in law and brother in law can't get good pizza by them and then we have a few veg and cheese trays and a lot of cookies.
I wanted a picture with the boys and then decided it would be a good idea to hold my nephew. Anna while smiling(we were fine at this point) was making fun of how weak I was. The kid just kept arching his back and trying to escape. I picked the wrong nephew to hold.
It was then decided that we should have a family picture holding "one of our boys." Notice Den's smile. He's very heavy.
It was a great evening and we all had a wonderful time, got great gifts and drank a bit. 
Christmas Eve, we went to my mother in laws and father in laws for Christmas. Since my bestie is English, her and her family are always there. That's Anna and her daughter Bek. Bek is a younger version of Anna. God help us all.
Anna has been giving me that same look all of her life.
I made the mistake of leaving my phone unattended. That's Donna and Steve.
That's my BIL, Chris.
A crack.
And last but not least, down the front of Steve's pants. It's best it didn't come out.
Christmas day is my favorite day. It's just the four of us, we open presents and then......................
We get Chinese food and pig out and watch Christmas movies. Super relaxing. Well every year but this year. We all took a nap and then....................................
we decided to dejunk Anna's ENTIRE ROOM AT 9pm on Christmas.
I had been asking for YEARS to do this and she was never here long enough to tear it apart. It took hours.
After we cleared it out and she was like, I can't believe how much was in there. UMMMMM yeah, that's why I had been asking for years.
At this point, it is after 1am and Anna was going to leave in the morning. The entire time she was there I just kept getting a bad feeling about her car. So after much alcohol and at about 2am, I asked Den if she could leave her car and take the 2007(her's is the 2004) amanti that was supposed to go to DJ. The 2007 is just sitting here. Needless to say, we had a fight. Let's just chalk it up to alcohol, holiday stress, car stress, both the kids being in the house stress, and being tired. He did not like my idea and said that we spoiled the kids and that "he wasn't a rich man and I keep giving fucking cars away" I said, you can't sent her out in a car that is barely running. We both went to bed mad.
The next morning, Anna was packing up the 2004 amanti and Den was giving her a long list of everything that she had to have fixed when she brought it to the shop.(Look, I know she is responsible for herself but you can't send her from Chicago to Denver in a busted down car. I said make her buy the damned thing. Have her pay $100 a month. I mean the car is just sitting there!) Anyways, he shot me a smug look or two because he was getting his way. I told Anna to stop at the first oasis which is about 45 minutes from home and check the back tire. The bad feeling was getting worse. She left. And then she called when she got to the oasis and said that the back brake was red hot, smelt and smoking and another light on the dash had come on. She waited until it cooled down and drove back. Den and Anna loaded everything into the 2007. She hugged him and thanked him with tears in her eyes and asked him to come up with a bill for everything that he had done and that needed to be paid. He told her that he loved her and said not to worry about it, they would figure something out. The car she took needs back brakes(What is it with us and brakes?) so he told her to take it to a shop, charge it and send him the bill!! Really!?!?!?!
2015 has been the year of the car for us. Honestly, I have a REALLY bad feeling about her car. We need to dump it. Den wants to fix up the 2004 and take back the 2007. It's not a sound car and if the transmission goes, its totaled. I say we get rid of it before it has no value. But I'm not pushing it. It can sit in the drive until the new year. DJ now has no car. Oh well, I told him sexy boys borrow their mom's minivan.
So by Saturday night, Anna had left and then DJ went to a friend's house and we were all alone. I looked at Den and said, "so are we fighting?" He was like no. We realized that we were fine and our stress level was gone. It really was the kids.
Sunday, we went to the casino for my birthday. Today is my actual birthday but Den has to work so we celebrated early. A few cocktails later and we were broke. But it was fun "us" time.
Well, we survived the holidays and no one went to jail. I'm just hoping that 2016 is our year of money.
How was your holiday?
Car giver,
Sonya Ann


McVal said...

You are SUCH a good mom! And Den is a great step dad! We had some heads clashing over here too but I'm not going to get into that... You're right. It's the kids!
Happy Birthday!

Cheapchick said...

Happy Birthday! Perhaps you should just put all the cars in a field and shoot them full of holes.....and start over? :) Glad you survived Christmas.

Rachel said...

Sorry about all the car drama....and when are men going to learn, when in doubt go with mom's gut feeling? Some men never understand.

Happy, happy birthday! Hope you have a nice day today! :)

Practical Parsimony said...

With that drive ahead of her, I agree with you. My Christmas was not nearly as exciting as yours.

MiserlyMac said...

Happy Birthday Sonya!!! Have a great day!!!

Elephant's Child said...

Another Capricorn!!!
Happy Birthday and I so hope that 2016 is a most excellent year.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday, Sonya! Glad to hear everyone survived all of the chaos! My holiday was dull compared to yours.

Jill said...

Love all the pictures, looks like a great holiday! Happy, happy birthday!!!! Hope your day was amazing!!

Many Blessings,

SAM said...

Ugh-cars are an evil, and knowing DH makes a living from them, I may be struck with lightning. Son just got back home and now something major is wrong with his car-missed work and has virtually nothing to put towards getting it fixed. Frustrating! I hope your birthday is a good one. Cheers!

Anne in the kitchen said...

That was a very funny tale of Christmas cheer and woe! Who in their right mind decides 9 p.m. Christmas night is a good time to begin the decluttering project? Crazy move but fun to read about!

Our Christmas was chaotic but only in the very best way. The entire family was here and we got to have Christmas through a two year olds eyes.