Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Christmas Police

This is what Christmas Hell looks like. We made hundreds and hundreds of cookies and aren't even close to being done. For some reason, Den was happy. He really needs to be the stay at home mom. Mind you, he would clean the house 5 minutes before I got home and never to my standard but we would eat well. Oh and the kids would have been filthy and the bills wouldn't have been paid but we would have yummy food. Oh and Anna would still be locked in her room.

I decided that Den didn't need my help Saturday and I started wrapping. AND THAT WAS ALL WE DID!

We slept about 4 hours Friday night so we ended up in bed at 7:30pm on Saturday night. We laughed because "back in the day" 4 hours of sleep would have been more than we got for a few days.
I keep a clean house but I gave up pretty quickly and we lived in chaos all weekend. I didn't even clear a path out of the front room Saturday night, I jumped the mess and went to bed.
We slept about 2 hours and were awoken to flashing lights streaming in every window. The police and an ambulance were parked in front of our neighbor's house. Me being the loving person that I am, yelled to Den, "DON'T OPEN THE FUCKING DOOR BECAUSE WE LOOK LIKE HOARDERS!" And that's how I think.
We never did find out what was going on. As far as I know everyone is still alive. 

Late Sunday, we went with Donna and Dennis to David's Bistro in town. I had an old gift card that I needed to use. Honestly, I forgot about our little date until the last minute. But it was a wonderful night out. That could have been because we were so grateful to get away from cookies.
After dinner, we went next door to our local bar for a drink. We were VERY overdressed for that bar but hey, they had gambling. I lost, Donna won $4.
Are you close to being done with all things Christmas?
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

Send me some cookies to eat!
I prolly won't even make any because they don't get eaten here anymore.
Heck we didn't even finish the 2nd pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving and it got moldy. 8-(

I KNOW Den was in his element and happy as a clam!
And once you got to the bar and the slots so were you......lolz

Jane said...

Not even close to being done. Will bake next week hopefully with some help from Kazi. I'm giving a lot as gifts and trying new recipes so I suppose I should get busy baking NOW but I think I can wing it tee hee!

Jenny Woolf said...

I don't even think about wrapping till the day before and then there is a big panic. Every year.

Elephant's Child said...

Nearly done? Cue hysterical laughter. And pour me a drink.

Donna Freedman said...

Well, I did get the tree up and decorated. The fact that it's a two-foot-tall tree has something to do with that.

If I lived closer I'd drive over with a bottle of DF's homemade wine, "Old Bootlegger." Or some of his special port wine, from the "N.E. Stormina" winery. (Get it? Get it?)

This too shall pass. Then again, so does a kidney stone and nobody likes that.

Michelle said...

Haven't started shopping yet! Not making cookies. Can't make me.

Anne in the kitchen said...

Everything bought is wrapped but I still need to buy a few more. Things are close to being done and then I will start on a crazy baking frenzy, which seems to be on hold because I have become well acquainted with Brandy this Christmas.

Cheapchick said...

Cookies! I only ended up making 5 dozen and some toffee crack. I think I will make myself a batch of sugar cookies, my favorite but that's it! Shopping - done except really small gift for hubby. Even got Mom's adopted cat today - her present is done! I just get to eat and drink until Christmas now lol. Except the business is really busy so I guess we won't get the amount of days off we had hoped for as we keep getting inquiries dammit (good really, we just need a break!) Just do some amaretto intravenously and you shall be fine

We are: Clamco said...

One of the things I ask my husband to do while I'm out working all day is to please make sure there are no dirty dishes in the sink when I get home. I know he washes them 2 minutes before I pull up the driveway, because they're still wet when I walk in the door. Well, at least they get done. You're lucky to have a hubby that likes to cook and actually CAN cook Very lucky.

Jill said...

You always make me smile when I visit, lol. I'm the same way if the house is messy (and I'm a neat freak) I don't want visitors or anything, lol. If there's dishes on the counter I don't think it's fit to have company, lol. Hope all was well with your neighbors ;-)
Have a great day!


Frances said...

Having a stay at home husband is a pretty sweet deal. I finished my jam making for Christmas giving. I may make some more, but seriously I have made enough to last for a long time. I baked some cranberry almond bread this weekend but it didn't look pretty enough to give anyone, so Hubby and I will be eating it. Not all at once, since it freezes well. I will be baking again on Christmas Eve to give our kids and MIL on Saturday when we have the family Christmas get together. All our gifts are wrapped except for one I ordered for Hubby that will be here on Tuesday. I was lucky this year. I only had to wrap Hubby's gifts. He wrapped every thing else. And did all the shipping. Yes, I am spoiled!