Monday, December 14, 2015

Mental Cards

This looks like a shrine to my SIL and her children but it is not. There is a small tip in there. I run a long piece of ribbon and hang my Christmas cards on it. It's an easy way to display them and its out of the way. Plus its a free decoration.
And because I'm crazy, a hoarder or slightly mental sentimental, I save every Christmas card with family pictures on it. And this year, I grouped all the cards from years passed and the recent one together so you can see how their family has changed. It looks like a bunch of photo albums vomited in the front room but oh well, I like to let my crazy show from time to time.

The Dollar Tree is selling wall clings and I thought what a better way to torture welcome home an almost 20 year old man from college by sticking this to his wall. I'm searching for more just to add to his Christmas joy. I figured I would try it on his walls because his room is hopefully the next room that is going to get redone so if it ruins the walls, its not a big deal. Fingers crossed, we redo his room this year.
I also scored this AWESOME Star Wars comforter and sheet set for Anna and Scott. She is turning 24 and he is turning 25. They turned out great, such grownups. LOL! Hey, it was only $25 for both after I used some Kohl's cash and coupons. Cheap immaturity!!
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

I am so glad your daughter turned out well cuz mine is being a jerk! argh
Kids will drive you crazy.....

Elephant's Child said...

Nice to hear that someone else is a card saver.
I may pinch(borrow) your decorating tip. Or may just continue to think it is an excellent idea.

Anne in the kitchen said...

I save all the photo cards and they move to the refrigerator door in the laundry after the first of the year where they stay until New Year's Eve the following year