Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tasty Blur

This weekend was a crazy blur. I looked around and it was Sunday night. But I feel as if I have a handle on the holidays so that is helping my sanity. I know now that I said that everything will go to shit but I digest......................................
Saturday morning, I stopped to pick up the candy that I ordered for the owner of Den's company and the local theater had carolers out. Our town is really stepping it up. I think we are going to use an old gift card for a local restaurant and then walk the town soon.  
It was Den's Christmas party Saturday night and as per normal, it was over the top. The decorations were stunning and food was spectacular! You could chose from chicken, salmon, prime rib or steak. I had the salmon, it was amazing.
Donna and I always stress over our outfits. But I think we clean up alright.
Please note the drink in my hand. Amaretto and cranberry is always the way to go. They were very generous with the amaretto and after 2 drinks I realized I needed to back off. See I do have a built in kill switch.
Sunday we slept in and then finished decorating. I even turned on Christmas music. I tapped out after 2 hours of it. Felt a bit suicidal after that much holiday goo. I may have to play Nine Inch Nails for a few hours to get me back on track.
I think that we just put up a new obstacle course for the cats. Den guarded the tree for an hour and then gave up the fight.
I have almost all of the Christmas shopping done. So we need to wrap and make cookies. Maybe I can convince Den that he wants to make all the cookies.
I was not drunk when I took this picture, honest!!! We live on a hill and a car was coming and Den was like "you are going to get hit by a car" and pulling on me. So actually this turned out pretty well all things considered.
So are you ahead, behind?
You behind,
Sonya Ann


Cheapchick said...

You look beautiful, Amarettoed and all :) You have gotten lots done on the Christmas front. I use picmonkey.com (free) to straighten all my photos as all of them originally look like I was drunk taking them.e

Elephant's Child said...

You scrub up a lot better than I do.
One year my partner hired the DVD of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre as an antidote to the Christmas schmaltz. Perhaps a step too far.

SAM said...

I have done online shopping and hung a wreath. I am way behind, but not going to stress. I repeat-not going to stress!

Anne in the kitchen said...

I am ahead and behind all at the same time. Since the granddaughter is coming I am blowing out Christmas and no matter what I get done I see another space that could use a bow, ornament or something sparklish.

Jane said...

Were you able to sneak your centrepiece in your purse? I am behind...or ahead...I don't know and I don't care! If it wasn't for all the food and alcohol I'd give Christmas a pass!

Jill said...

You look lovely and so do the decorations :-)