Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bacon Drink

I need this shirt. You need this shirt. Let's start a club and this can be our logo. Would it be a drinking club?

I'm really a better cooker when I have a drink. I fried cold pizza in a dab of bacon grease. Oh and I continued on with cocktail hour.
And YUM! Is this a helpful hint? Maybe. Would your cardiologist think so? Maybe? Is this a drinking hint? Maybe!

Perhaps my food wouldn't have so many calories in it if I stopped with the bacon grease.
What do you do to breath new life into leftovers? Does it involve bacon?
Fat, happy, and intoxicated,
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

I see u r getting some use out of ur Xmas present...lolz

I hope you didn't eat any pizza, well, unless you pulled the cheese off of it.
Cooking ANYTHING in bacon fat is a plan. 8-)

Jane said...

Thanks for the drinking tips Sonya Ann! I like to throw leftovers in a wrap and sprinkle with shredded cheese :)

Anne in the kitchen said...

I have never thought of frying leftover pizza, but I am sure I will next time we have some. Fortunately I always have a jar of bacon fat in the freezer and an opened wine bottle on the counter. Sounds like dinner!

Elephant's Child said...

Hold the bacon, pour the wine.
My mother always added cream if a recipe called for milk, and wine (lots of wine) if water was required.

McVal said...

OOOHHH Bacon greeaase...
Yeah - I'm not sure the Adkins diet would even approve of that. But maybe. I think it's mostly bacon anyway.
At least that's how we interpreted it.