Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Odeous Veg

Isn't that a lovely picture? I would love to look out the window and see the ocean and maybe a blanket and drink waiting for me.

But this is what I get to look at. UGH. The only thing that Den and I can agree on about it, is that it needs work. I think it needs to hit the road, he thinks it should stay. Ahhh, its a fight for another day.

I got this awesome calendar from Anna and Scott. We saw the new Star Wars film-NOT IMPRESSED AT ALL. Yup, I said it. Visually, it was an A+, holding true to the old characters, it was an A+, copying the old script, it was a fail. I actually yelled at the screen IN THE THEATER!!!! I thought Den was going to have a fit. I embarrassed him a smidge. I just couldn't control myself. We all know I have issues.

On New Year's eve, Donna and Steve came over and we played Odious Lists. It is ever so naughty so we loved it!!!!! I now know that Donna is in need of therapy and her sexual preferences are out whack with everyone else. I was a bit scared and impressed. If you are interested in laughing hard and letting everyone know that you are a deviant, here is the link where you can download a free copy. 

Sunday was sooooooooooooooooooooo boring, all I can say is I roasted some veg. That was the highlight. 
Anything new with you?  Any good stories? Any good veg?
Sonya Ann


SAM said...

For all my future fetes I will need to check that link out. Your Sunday was more adventurous than my nyquil induced coma.

slugmama said...

It was 5 freaking degrees here last night!!!
A week ago I was in VA and it was in the 70's...waaaaaah!

No snow here yet so there is that on the plus side.
I get to turn leftovers into dinner again tonight. oh joy.....
You should have gone to a cafe cinema showing of Star Wars so Den could have fed you alcohol and you would have been more mellow in your SW tantrum.

I walked my hiney off on Monday running errands. Today I am sitting at home being bored....perhaps I'll get so bored I'll clean this shit hole house.
That's all I got.

Rachel said...

Sorry I have nothing...fighting a chest cold, kids are back at school, it is freaking cold here today, and I don't want to do a thing.

Cheapchick said...

That looks like one of our family scrabble games :) Yes, they get pretty sick. I am sick of working! This getting back to work at 200 mph sucks...on the upside the business is doing well lol. Hubby felt the same way about Star Wars, was disappointed. I just thought it was a good movie (not necessarily good enough to make billions of dollars though). Hubby kept elbowing me when he thought they were copying a scene like the band/lounge scene.

McVal said...

I saw the new movie and while I thought it was good, it was NOT as impressive as the original Star Wars was to a very impressionable 10 year old who went way overboard on it. I will NOT write up my own screen play of this one!
Besides, I think it's been done. I was NOT happy with Han Solo's final scene... :(
And I thought they were copying a lot of old scenes too. the band/lounge thingy with wacky music. Maddy told me that Leah must have had some work done because her upper lip didn't move throughout the entire movie. So that's all I watched... her upper lip... silly kids to wreck a movie for me... :\
Oh! and we've only got 2 cars that work right now and Meri gets her drivers license tomorrow... And Ryan will before the next week is up... So we're down to just one when she demands that we give her truck back to her. Just wait til you see what she's done to it!!! That's tomorrow on my blog.
That games sounds too scandalous for us to play around here. But we did play Say Anything and that was a hoot!

Hawaii Planner said...

I haven't seen the new Star Wars movie - I'm clearly a freak of nature. My Sunday was so wild that I made muffins, cookies, hummus & then enjoyed my final glass of wine before trying to cut back on the alcohol and go back to work. Going back to work means that my work-anxiety nightmares are back, so there's that?

Practical Parsimony said...

I saw my second Star Wars movie yesterday. It was loud, even exbf thought so. I hated how Han Solo died. I hated his kid. I suppose if you go for the special effects, it was great. I was thrilled to r2d2 and c3po because exbf told me they would not be in this new movie. The little round robot, was it bb2?, was precious. I am glad I went so I won't always wonder about it. Now, I just have to see the ones between the first one and this last one.

Jane said...

I have NO interest in seeing Star Wars unless Ryan Gosling is in it. Not much going on around here - I'm retired ya know - so I have to take it easy! Started juicing again today to try and whittle away at some flab and keep my immune system all revved up.

Elephant's Child said...

Sunday? Decluttering and cleaning. Monday? Ditto. Tuesday? More of the same. Plus the excitements of grocery shopping.
I am so exciting I am boring myself into a coma...

Donna Freedman said...

Mostly I have BEEN an odious veg, lately. Getting minimum amount of stuff done, soaking in hot baths, reading, pouting and dreaming of the return of the light.

I need a trip to the Chicago area, or something.

Janie Junebug said...

I like steamed broccoli. Many years ago, I saw the three original Star Wars. My daughter is a big Star Wars fan. She watches all the movies as they come out, even though she says they aren't good anymore.