Saturday, January 2, 2016

Our 2016 Mission

So maybe we should try something new for the new year? What do you want to accomplish today? For 2016?
I would like to get more money in savings. I think that is probably at the top of everyone's list.
I would like to shave more money off the monthly bills. Ya with me?
I would like to lose more weight. I did end 2015 lighter so that was a plus from last year.
I would like to redo DJ's room. Paint and furniture!
I would like to get another book out and one finished. This one might be a stretch since one book alone is pushing 500+ pages and I'm guessing I'm not even half way done.
I think those are things that I can probably do without too much effort.
I would also like new windows, a new fence, we need a garage door and to sort our cars.
Oh and a few million dollars in the bank. Hey, I can dream big!
So is this pretty close to your list? Is redoing DJ's room at the top of your list? Getting food?
Have you accomplished anything yet toward your goals? Let me just point out that you are failing on DJ's room.
Do or do not,
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

Well shaving more off the regular bills isn't going to happen here since we already did a close shave. The only way to make those less is to get rid of College Boy(and maybe Hubs?lolz)and/or move.
Money will have to be spent here to get the house ready to sell and losing weight and drying out have a chance of happening here....ok, stop laughing but it COULD happen!!

You know that once you redo DJ's room he can't move back in.....oh! NOW I see how your twisted mind works you evil genius..... ;-)

Hawaii Planner said...

I have a ton of stuff on the list (I'm sick & love January & all of the planning that goes into it. My husband thinks I'm a freak. ;-)). I'm jealous that you ended 2015 lighter than you started it. Wish I could say the same! Major failure on that front at my house.

Rachel said...

Several of your goals are on my list as well. Losing weight (so jealous you ended 2015 less), saving money, etc. Sadly re-doing DJ's room is not on my list. :) I have a lot of things on my goals list most centering around being more present to those around me.

Elephant's Child said...

Mission? That sounds waaaay too ambitious for me here.
I am muddling along and suspect I will continue...

SAM said...

Put inot motion for real this year all I said was going to be focused on in 2015. If I move that lsit forward, mission accomplished. Really though, cutting monthly bills would be great since we have added more with DD#2's high school extracurricular costs. Eating better and exercising more would be up there as well. And be nicer

Jane said...

I plan, at some point, perhaps July or August, to make a list of things to accomplish that require no effort. Like exercise up and down the aisles at the grocery store while pushing a trolley. Bend over twice a day to pick up my socks (one at a time!) Lift the lid of the mailbox every single day. You get the idea...

Anne in the kitchen said...

My aim this year is to just be a better person and to enjoy everything life brings my way. This past year was a difficult learning curve and I learned not to expect tomorrows, but to be very thankful when they occur each and every day. Now if I can just learn to enjoy/accept all of Mom's demands and needs I will be on the path I truly want to be. Ever Hopeful!