Saturday, January 16, 2016

Our 2016 Mission

This little post is helping keep me on track. I would feel terrible if I had nothing to post. Life is continuous forward motion, right?
This week, I gambled and dropped the dear boy off. YAY!!!
Water consumption is WAY down and the time spent on laundry is down too. We should see a bit of a reduction in costs on water and electricity.
I started writing both books again. This makes me happy and keeps me calm. For some reason, it seems to help with my focus.
I worked on our closet. Now that Anna's room is in good shape, I moved some of the things that Den only uses once in a while like suits and camo in her closet. I also rearranged some of Den's shirts. Now all the short sleeves and long sleeves have their own bar.
I'm still at 11 pounds lost. I'll starve a little this weekend and see if I can't get that number lower. Oh wait, I got a few certificates from Hmmmm, I'll get back to you on this one. 
I don't have a million dollars in the bank.
I've come up with a plan for DJ's crap furniture. He is going to be moving into an apartment next year. His roommates have furniture for the living room and kitchen. DJ only needs stuff for his room. I was thinking that he could take the beat up dresser and night stands in his room and then I'll replace it. We can put the couch/bed that is in DJ's room in the game room. That way we will only have to buy a bed for him when we are in IN.
I also started working on getting our passports. It is going to be $130 each. The problem is I can't find my birth certificate. I've got everyone elses and our marriage certificate. Damn. I ordered my birth certificate for $37 from IL. And then it all went south. AFTER I PAID THE SON'S OF BITCHES, they then told me that what I submitted was wrong and wouldn't ship it. They took my money then informed me that it wasn't right. They sent an email on how to sort it with a link that EXPLAINED NOTHING! And this is what I get for dealing with the state. I'm never leaving the country. Sigh. I get an E for effort on this on.
I think that is about it for me. Anything accomplished on your end? Haha, I said your end.
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

Sounds like my experience dealing with the state of NY(NYC specifically!)trying to get my father's birth certificate(for genealogical purposes and he's dead so easier to get HAHAHAHAHAHAHA).

Where are you going? Why not just come here??

Jenny Woolf said...

No idea where my birth certificate is either. Or how to apply for another one. For that price you could probably buy a fake one. Only kidding, obviously.

kate steeper said...

Government agencies the world over are the same , some moron will have come up with the idea that it costs less in manpower to blame the customer and not make any effort to resolve the problem . They will have paid thousands for this wonderful cost saving method .

SAM said...

I live in thw same state, county, and city I was born in- which is also the county seat so have had easy experience getting duplicates. I ate yesterday-lots and had summer cocktails. My neck and head have been bothering me so housework was light. Tonight and tomorrow I've set aside to write.

Cheapchick said...

Well crap on a cracker, take your money and run those f**ckers :( Trying to get your proper id is step 1 in leaving the country. Have I mentioned how much the Canadian dollar has dropped? For every $1 USD you get $1.30 to spend in Canada? Just saying to keep it in mind for your traveling plans. Somewhere tropical might be nice too - cheap booze and all (ours is expensive!!)

Elephant's Child said...

I managed to get himself to agree to throw out two or three things yesterday. I am still in shock.
Where are you planning to go when you get your passport? And when.
My mission of the moment is to get through the next ten days without killing (or even maiming) himself and his uncle. Wish me luck.