Saturday, January 23, 2016

Our 2016 Mission


I'm going to call this a really slow week all the way around. And to me, that's a good thing.
I haven't made any real progress on dejunking/organizing this week and I'm still down 11 pounds. There is always next week, right?
I did get my birth certificate so that is amazing in itself. Just the fact, that I got everything straightened out with the state in a week is almost beyond comprehension. I should be able to start on getting the passports. If getting a birth certificate from the state was a pain in the ass, I can only imagine what it will be like to deal with the government. My friend, Donna is from England and have to sort their green cards every so often, I should shut up really about my birth certificate problems. Just to renew the green cards, takes months and tons of time. They are probably going to have to go downtown Chicago and fix it and pay $2000 for the four of them. Poor them. The funny thing is their daughter used to tell people she was illegal just to see their expressions. She got in trouble a lot.
We might know what we are doing with the Amantis. Anna is going to buy the 07 and Den is probably going to sell the 04. He thinks someone at work wants it. The sad thing is the value of used cars has dropped. The 07 is worth about $5k and the 04 is about $2k. Anna has $500 left in the little kitty that I saved for her so we will use that towards the debt. She will owe us about $2500 if it all works out. I tried to explain all of this and she just said, "MOM, I'm not good at math!" And to think that she is the one doing their bills. I think that we will charge her $100/month til its paid. That is if it all works out and Anna figures out math.
I've paid down the credit card/car loan(see the problem is that I am trying to pay off a car in under a year because instead of taking out a loan, I put it on a 0% interest credit card offer. It's up in August. And now you know why I am always crazy!)  if the numbers even slightly workout as predicted, I should be close to having it paid off mid-year.


SAM said...

Anytime something can be paid off early is a good thing. It killed me to start making car payments again after being payment free for two years, but paying ourselves to build a little reserve for cars. As husband is in finance in the car trade, he worked out financially taking a loan, with the terms, rate, rebates etc. over four years was no more than buying outright. I have to trust he knows his stuff, but it still is an angst.

Jane said...

We're facing the need to buy new or newer vehicles soon but I try not to think about it as it kinda ruins my day!