Saturday, January 30, 2016

Our 2016 Mission

What have I done this week? Does a couple cocktails count? To be fair, we really aren't alcoholics. We just like to have a drink at the end of the day and well, a few on the weekend. Oh and the people at the liquor store know us on a first name basis. Never mind.
I've not posted about Christmas money I have collected. I'm over $100 so far between Pinecone Research, my credit card points, swagbucks and MyPoints. I haven't cashed them in so its not an official tally yet. But I think this year will be much better than last.
Our taxes are done!! We will be getting money back and it will be out the door just as fast, between college, the credit card and beefing up savings-It's gone. But I'm grateful we don't have a tax bill to pay.
We are eating down our food stash. I'm hoping that will help cut down on the grocery bill a bit.
I also went through the cabinets in the bathroom and got rid of a bunch of stuff we don't use. I got rid of some of the beauty products. I feel much better about the all natural lotions, oils that I make and use.
Did you accomplish anything this week? Are you still plugging along toward your goals?
Sonya Ann


SAM said...

Not a great week towards 2016 focus areas, but not devastatingly off the mark. I picked up a 12 in Subway for Daughter and I to share on Wednesday as schedules just didn't put us at home. Hubs picked up take out chicken dinner on Thursday when I wasn't looking instead of cooking, so two less than stellar for health meals, and two take out meals. Offsetting though Wednesday I walked a couple laps before volleyball at the high school, and rejected garlic toast and mini tacos at the pub afterwards with the girls. And I drank light beer-that is something right?

slugmama said...

We are also getting some back on the Federal this year(Hubs made less $ so yah, it's a wash). We have to pay on the state(that's our usual MO)....F.U. PA!
I went through a kitchen cabinet and threw out a bunch of cake/cupcake decorating stuff as I no longer make stuff like that usually plus I don't decorate it when I do make one.

Got all my Jan. goals done except for the travel plans are put on hold due to unforeseen circumstances and inventorying the stockpile(it's just too cold to spend that much time out in the garage right now.....maybe next week as there is suppose to be a heat wave here). Now I have to figure out a Feb. goal list.....bleh.

Elephant's Child said...

Your taxes are done? I have completed last years yet. Sigh.

Cheapchick said...

In Canada our taxes aren't due until the end of April and you can't even do them until March after tax receipts are sent out - I wish I could get it done early like you. Our corporate taxes we start on next week - they make you wait until you have January bank statements before you can take that in. I am currently on a "sell your stuff" declutter and the money is going to a fun weekend in June. So far in January I have sold 4 on our 24 hr Facebook bidding site and have one item that is currently under auction with bids. I do need to clean out a spice cupboard though - maybe today.

Jenny Woolf said...

Tax. Good to leave it behind for a year now.

Frances said...

It's 2016??! Just kidding. It started okay, but now I am just praying I don't have to deplete the savings for medical bills. Ugh!

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