Thursday, January 14, 2016

Plant Perversion

My life is boring. Well, it is boring and then, I do something bad. In my mind, this post started out great and then somehow we slipped into the perversion abyss.
I have somehow managed to keep my basil plant alive so far. Riveting, I know.
I'm also regrowing some green onions. See this post is normal so far, boring but normal.
Hey, I picked some dill on Dec. 24th from our garden. It has since snowed over it but still that was amazing. Using fresh dill for potato salad in the winter is unbelievable!
This is also amazing. Here's what happened, I was looking for something to write about and found the pictures of my basil and the green onions and then, I found some pictures that I sent to my bestie.
He's making a sneeze face.
Donna and I were talking about different food that we could eat since we are dieting. And then I found us dessert. Now it makes perfect sense, right? She also brought up the fact that we are a couple of old perverts but I tend to dismiss her. Honestly, are you even reading this or are you staring at the sneeze guy?
This sums up my life and my blog. Why do you keep coming back here? It's kind of fun when I post about my plants, right? To make this even worse today is DJ's 20th birthday. Should I send him a text and a picture? Think sneeze guy would do it for him?
Great mom,
Sonya Ann


Cheapchick said...

I probably wouldn't send a picture of sneeze guy...he might really take offence. Send him some pictures of girls in bikinis and food. Does he like liquor like you do? If so pictures of liquor :) I come back because you amuse me girlfriend!

Elephant's Child said...

Nah. None of your desserts appeal to me. I suspect they are all to busy buffing, oiling and preening themselves (and looking in the mirror) to have any time or interest in anyone else.

Treaders said...

Good God, I was thinking "pretty guys right" and then you REALLY INSISTED on the sneeze guy. Now that'll give me nightmares - talk about taming the one-eyed snake! Hey I joined Weight Watchers yesterday (otherwise known as Fat Fighters). Let me know how you get on - I'm starving! Anna

Jane said...

Sneeze guy would do it for me! Honestly, as soon as I saw the title of this post "Plant Perversion" I thought..."honey, it ain't the plants that are perverted, it's you"! And I was right! You perv :)

Practical Parsimony said...

The guys would be interested in any woman who reflects them at "Twice their Natural Size." It is a book about women drooling and making over men to enhance their stature. Oh, it is not talking about this particular freakish picture...just egos and such. I think twice his natural size would be scary.

McVal said...

I'm with Jane! ;)

SAM said...

You are funny, but I have to say my mind has gotten just too old. I see those young men and I go into mom mode and think, "Put a shirt on-it's January." My eye candy has aged with me-I seem to have 10 year view-I can go back in age no farther than 10 years to oggle, so now, the lads must be plus 40. (Leonardo Di Caprio fits this, so I'm good.)