Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Salsa Cars

It was a long weekend of fun! Den got off early on Thursday and we headed up to Ho-Chunk Casino in the WI Dells.
I did great! I paid for all our food, some drinks and came back with exactly the same amount of money that I left with. It maybe the year of the Sonya. It is not the year of Dennis. He only hit for a little bit and that was only because I told him I had a "feeling" about the machine next to me.

The casino and hotel are quite nice and decorated with a waterfalls and a nature theme. It is  beautiful and I would have to recommend it, not just because I won.
We headed home later on Friday and I got to do a few piles of laundry. Reality stinks.

Saturday, we headed out to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Grande Lettys.  They have a salsa bar!!!!! And.....................................................
they have a small gambling area. I mean really how could it get any better?!?! Oh wait, you get free pop and salsa and chips if you are gambling! I may never leave!!!!
After our yummy food, we went to the Volo Auto Museum.
It's actually quite brilliant, not only do they have every kind of car imaginable but they sell them too. Yup, you pay to see cars you can buy.
This little bug was my favorite.
This was Den's favorite. It's sort of a modified mess to me.
I think that we may need to build a bigger garage.
It is $15 a person which I thought was a bit high when we went in but after seeing everything that they had, it is under priced.
I talked to one of the women working there afterwards and we both decided that they need a different marketing strategy. Yes, there is a ton of cars there but its a museum with so many different areas that they need to touch on that to draw more women in.
This was one of the antique advertisement signs from the stupid ages. I wouldn't have made it long back then.
I'm pretty sure Den wouldn't think about spanking me over coffee or anything. How this sold anything is beyond me.
On Sunday, I lost my damned mind and decided that I needed to cook everything. And everything seemed to have quite a bit of cabbage and onions.
I made meatloaf, veg soup, chicken noodle soup, apple and cinnamon water(not really cooking but I figured since I was chopping everything else in the kitchen, why not.) tomato and cuke relish, fakin' fried rice. And you know what we ate for dinner?
Not one damned thing that I made! I think Den felt intimidated by my mad cooking skills and needed to show me up, which he did. No really, he had planned a steak and shrimp meal days ago. It was yummy!
So its back to the diet this week.So what did you do? Did you eat salsa? Please tell me it was fun!!
More salsa,
Sonya Ann


Jill said...

That museum looks awesome! Minus the posters of course, lol. If you didn't eat all the food what did you do with it? ;-)
Have a great day!


Sonya Ann said...

Jill-Some is in the frig for other meals and I'll freeze some of it. It's nice to have some "skinny" meals on handy.

Cheapchick said...

Holy cooking! Want to come over? If I won the lottery I would have a personal chef...and a housecleaner :) Maybe this is the year of Sonya Ann! I am not dieting but we are trying to work out 2x a week. Managed once last week (at an actual gym) and are going today. We shall see. Well done on keeping the 11 lbs off. I meant to say last post - great find on the jacket - it will look fabulous.

Anne in the kitchen said...

I love binge cooking so all I have to do the rest of the week is warm and serve, or let TheHub warm and serve himself. It works either way here. It would be nice to have someone other than me do the cooking occasionally, but TheHub is a horrible cook and I would be pissed with him for ruining whatever groceries I had bought

McVal said...

What a great weekend! I pooped a little too!
I would love to spend the day at that museum. wow.

Michelle said...

I will take that pink-ish bug. I would be the bomb in my small town.

SAM said...

I'm bond and determined to cook 90% of the meals this week, and only eat out when very planned. I love Mexican food-salsa in particular so that would be my downfall for saving and eating better. congrats on the winning ways.

Sophie said...

Vovo Auto Museum sounds the most impressive. I love most of bugs too. They are so cute and unique.

slugmama said...

Look at Den showing off again....geez!
If I lived with y'all I'd weigh 900 lbs. lolz

Jane said...

I was lazy and bought a roasted chicken. Though I did make shrimp linguine tonight! No salsa though.