Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Winning Ice

I run around and half the time I think, "what the hell am I doing?" And that is probably a good place to start.
On Sunday, I had to take DJ back to Ball State so Friday we had a quick birthday meal and get together with his grandparents. We went out to eat at DJ's favorite Mexican restaurant and then back to our house for brownies and ice cream. Look, it was pitiful compared to what I did when he was little but I did manage to get 4 candles in his undecorated brownie. Even Den complained, he was like why can't he have 20 candles. I pointed out that there was no reason the we needed to poke 20 holes in that small pan of brownies but if he wanted to watch DJ blow them out then he could find the other 16 candles. He just wanted to complain and didn't add candles. I often times say, you are either part of the problem or part of the solution.
Saturday was pretty laid back. We gathered all the crap that DJ had collected from the holiday and his birthday and then went shopping for more crap to throw in the car. Hard to believe but we manged to get 3 people and enough crap and supplies for a family of 6 plus an overnight bag for me in case of bad weather in that tiny hybrid. DJ complained that he wanted to take the van. I said that it was supposed to storm and be windy and it was too hard to keep the van on the road plus we used less gas in the hybrid. Around and around we went and then I said, "Dad said take the car so go fight it out with him." Not a word was said to dear father. Is DJ the problem or the solution? Now look again at the picture. ;p

On Sunday, I stepped into a wondrous winter hell. I did fine in Chicago and then we hit Indianapolis and everything went nuts. We left at 9:20am and I dropped him off at 5pm. We stopped once for fast food and that was it. I was ready to cry. The roads were like driving on chopped ice.

Before I dropped DJ off, I decided that I was going to stay the night in IN. DJ, with a small bit of grumbling, booked me a night at the Motel 6 that we had stayed at before. Since I was driving, I let him take care of everything. The lovely lad is my child and booked me into the cheapest room which was the handicap room. But I'll shut up because it was only $44.79 with tax. When there is something going on at Ball State the rates are double even at Motel 6. We normally stay in $100+ a night hotels but honestly, its not bad there. The decor is all new just the carpet is dated.

And because I care about photography more than my life, I managed to snap a few pics with my phone after I dropped DJ off. Honestly, it was crazy weather. It was gray and white out conditions and then there would be a break in the misery and the sky was stunning.
Hmmm, did I forget to tell you that I made DJ book me a hotel room not by him but by the casino 35ish minutes away. Look, I spent more than enough time with the boy. If you are going to be trapped, why not have a bit of fun! And I HIT!!!! I don't normally max bet but I will max out the machine when I'm playing with winnings. I hit and then maxed out and hit again.
I cashed out and was going to leave and then I figured I would pump another $20 in a $1 machine!!! And I hit for $90!!! With having to pay for the extra food, the hotel room and even paying the $5 fee to take money out, I walked out the door $137 up. I may need to drive through hell more often.
I got up Monday morning and treated myself to an awesome meal at Waffle House and then left a $10 tip on a $9 meal. It's kinda a law that you have to leave a good tip after you win.
It was such an easy drive home, I can't believe it. The roads were all cleared of snow and ice and I made great time. I think that I may book a room from now on. It normally takes 12 hours round trip when its good weather but it is just too much for me plus getting a night away and a casino visit isn't a bad bonus either.
I'm so far behind on everything in my real life so if I don't get to visit you, I will. I'm just on a bit of a delay.
Sonya Ann


slugmama said...

Well I just KNEW a casino visit had to figure into a trip East somewhere and there you go!
At least you didn't get desperate enough to go to Gary....lolz

So belated Happy Birthday to you with a nice win!!!
Ok, add in that DJ is outta the house now too. I am jealous of that part of it.......

Practical Parsimony said...

I cannot imagine living in that winterwonderlandofhell. But, you were wise to stop and gamble. Are you entering to lottery for billions? At 20, I think one candle is fine.

Cheapchick said...

Very cool that you won a prize for such a crappy road trip - gotta love that. MMMM waffles :) Hubby is away and now I am going to have breakfast for supper. Thanks for putting that in my head.

Elephant's Child said...

Nice to hear that karma finally landed where it should and you picked up a win.

Blogoratti said...

Must have been a great experience. Warm greetings!

Jane said...

Can't turn one's nose up at $137 even though your nerves were shredded from driving in all that guck! You deserved it!

Michelle said...

Sounds like you had some fun, even in hell! lol

Janie Junebug said...

I'm glad you got a room. That's rough driving. Willy Dunne Wooters can be a complainer. He's always asking me questions: Who is that actor? What is the name of such and such? How do you do this?

I've started telling him to use his damn Google and quite expecting me to know everything. He said, But you usually know everything.

Most of the time he acts as if I'm a moron.



McVal said...

Booking you a room 35 minutes away was just a sound buffer between him and you! You've got a smart kid... ;)
I'm glad your drive home was calmer and that you won enough money to pay for the trip! WIN WIN